What is the CopiaFacts API?

Application Programming Interface, or API, gives you the ability to customize CopiaFacts to your business's needs. CopiaFacts was designed with programmers in mind and thus offers a totally open architecture for integration into whatever business applications your company runs.

Rather than develop a separate interface for each programming language in existence, CopiaFacts uses a file-based API structure. This allows you to work with ANY programming language that can write a text file. This includes, C, C++, Delphi, VB, Java, etc. This gives us universal integration ability as any programming language can write a simple text file.

Supported by every program in the CopiaFacts suite, some features of the API include:

  • Custom Call Control Scripting Language
  • Unlimited Nested Menu Support
  • Custom Playback & Recording
  • Database Connectivity Using ADO for Updates & Reads
  • SQL Stored Procedure Support
  • User Written DLL Interfaces
  • Ability To Launch External Process
  • Hooks For Message Pre-Processing & Post-Processing Using Script or External Applications
  • Variable Controlled Phrase Speaking
  • Read/Write Access to Internal Variable Name Space
  • Fax, Voice, and E-Mail Message Generation Using Scripting Commands or Simple Text Command Files
  • Custom Application Launch From Fax Print Drivers
  • Fax/E-Mail Support for Reporting Packages
  • It is Open, Extensible, and Text File Driven for universal support

If you would like to know more about the CopiaFacts API or how your business can use it, please contact a sales representative for more information.

Contact the Copia Sales department for more information at 800.689.8898 or click here to request a quote.



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