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Voice Broadcast - Political

The Suburban O’Hare Commission is a consortium of local governments from the communities surrounding O’Hare International Airport, including Addison, Bensenville, DuPage County, Elk Grove, Elk Grove Township, Elmhurst, Itasca, Maine Township, Park Ridge, Roselle, Schiller Park and Wooddale.

How to contact voters in the communities surrounding O’Hare International Airport and get out the message to vote in the upcoming primary election.

VoiceFacts Solution
Using their 12 line VoiceFacts system and a Dialogic Voice Board, the SOC contacted their list of voters with a message from the town mayor, reminding the public to get out and vote in the upcoming primary elections. Their VoiceFacts system allowed the mayor to remotely record his message from his office, with the VoiceFacts system actually located across town.

With just a short reminder about when and how to vote from a recognized public figure, the SOC not only succeeded with their referendum, but their voter turn out for this primary election was the highest it has been in years.

The VoiceFacts voice broadcast option was also economical since the cost of a 12 line VoiceFacts system is less than half of the cost of a single political mailing. In addition to the ability to remind voters of upcoming elections and issues, the SOC VoiceFacts system provides an automated way to contact it's large base of volunteer members with important dates for events and meetings.

In purchasing Copia International's VoiceFacts voice broadcast system, Suburban O'Hare Commission saved their volunteers' time by automating voice calls, saved money by not out-sourcing the Broadcast, and got the desired results from the voting public.

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