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Voice Broadcast
The main component of VoiceFacts is the voice broadcast module. Managed by the CopiaFacts Broadcast engine, you can automatically send a voice message at a predetermined time to a list of phone numbers. This is a perfect solution for political messages, appointment reminders, catalog orders, or in survey gathering. VoiceFacts can even detect answering machines so a message can be left.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Businesses of all sizes are using IVR to automate the handling of routine calls and requests for information. IVR uses voice and touch-tone keypad entry to allow callers to obtain answers to common questions. This frees your customer service representatives to deal with callers who need more than just routine assistance. VoiceFacts simplifies IVR setup using built-in logic that does not require any programming.

Additional capabilities are available through a simple, but powerful, scripting language. VoiceFacts features include unlimited voice menus, bi-lingual call selection, database query and update, message recording, call transfer and forwarding, conditional processing, built-in math, date, and file functions, and a variable phrase-speaking feature that allows customer/account data to be spoken to the caller. VoiceFacts lets you answer customer calls 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, providing answers when your customers want them without any extra effort on your part.

VoiceFacts lets you easily tailor the system to your needs. Record your own greetings. Use different greetings for different days or times. Allow the caller to choose different languages. Set up each phone line to run a different IVR application if you wish. Generate e-mail, fax, or voice callback messages as part of your IVR application. Query and update databases, using information entered by the caller. Insert your own custom processing. VoiceFacts, as a member of the CopiaFacts family, is designed to provide you with the tools you need to automate your messaging needs, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Unlimited Menus & levels
There is no limit to the number of menu choices or number of subnetted menu levels

Gather Information from Callers
The system is able to store survey information taken by your voice broadcast. This allows for instant feedback or confirmation. You can also gather this information before routing to a call center agent.

Voice Mail
Standard voice messaging capabilities such as automatic answering, save, delete, replay/partial replay, 3-second playback, and personalization of greetings. Also included is the ability to replay messages in reverse order, not limiting the user to FIFO (First In, First Out) messaging. Your messages can even be routed to your desktop PC.

Unlimited Mailboxes
There is no limit to the number of voice mailboxes allowed on a VoiceFacts system.

CopiaFacts API
Since VoiceFacts runs off the CopiaFacts engine, you have the ability to use the embedded CopiaFacts file-based Application Programming Interface (API). This open-end design allows you to integrate VoiceFacts into your existing business applications. ...[more]

VoiceFacts has very modest hardware requirements and supports voice boards from Intel/Dialogic and more.

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