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CopiaFacts Reference

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This section documents each of the programs which implement the CopiaFacts suite.  The principal program is the CopiaFacts fax server engine, COPIAFACTS.  The documentation of the programs is divided into separate sections as follows:

Alphabetic List

If you know the name of the program or DLL, you can find its documentation linked from this list.

Server Engine

This section contains the topics for the COPIAFACTS server engine, together with CALLMON and PHONESIM.

Document Conversion / Printing

The Document Converter (FFEXTERN plus CVSINGLE) together with FFSAVE and FFMERGE


The installation managers and all configuration tools appear in this section.

Management / Testing

These topics cover testing tools and utilities for daily management of the system, including CFCP for services management.

Job Administration

Programs used by the broadcast job administration feature appear in this section.

Desktop Utilities

This section includes all the tools that need an interactive window on the desktop, other than those that appear in the sections above.

Command-Line Utilities

The majority of command-line utilities are now documented under CFUTIL in this topic, together with a few other standalone command-line tools.

Service Applications

Service applications for running the COPIAFACTS engine and Document Converter are included in this section, along with the CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway, the CopiaFacts Housekeeping service, and the CopiaFacts Message Center.