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New Version 8.3.1 Features

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CopiaFacts 8.3.1, released in February 2019, has the principal enhancements shown below.

See also the Version History topic for a summary of the smaller changes and fixes in version 8.3 and 8.3.1.

Windows 10 Enhancements

Applications now make use of new Windows APIs introduced in recent OS releases.

High-DPI support

All CopiaFacts desktop applications now support operation on high-DPI monitors, with support for Windows 10 'Per Monitor V2' features.  This allows operation on systems with multiple monitors of different resolutions.  

Please note that if you have been using CopiaFacts with a high-DPI monitor, upgrading to 8.3.1 may cause your saved CopiaFacts application window sizes to be incorrectly scaled on the first use of some applications, but they will be saved correctly when you have re-set the size on closing the program.

Because FFVIEWER has to work in 'fax resolution' in order to position annotations correctly, we cannot enable it for Windows per-monitor resolution support.  If you have monitors of different resolutions on your system, we recommend using FFVIEWER only on the primary monitor.  We also recommend that you configure it to have its size set by Windows in 'enhanced' mode, which improves clarity. You can do this from the FFVIEWER Settings dialog.

Updated Toolset

Continuing the procedures introduced in version 8.3 we have updated development tools again to the latest releases, which offer improved management and checking of our applications. The newer tools also enhance performance and stability.

Enhanced Tracing Features

For larger sites where detailed tracing is required, it is now possible to run a trace file writing service (CFTRCSERVICE) which offloads to a separate machine the task of writing trace files to disk.  This improves the throughput and stability of the COPIAFACTS process.

Enhanced Queue Quota Management

The configuration of Queue Quotas on multiple COPIAFACTS engine nodes can  now be done from a central CFQUOTA console, instead of having to visit each node to adjust individual quota settings.


The DNSUPD utility to manage do-not-send files now has a built-in viewer for NDX file content.

FFVIEWER Print Selected Pages

The Printer menu in FFVIEWER now has an option to print selected pages of the fax document.

Improved Search and Navigation in COPIAEDIT

For details of these enhancements, see the COPIAEDIT topic.  The changes are also implemented in the built-in command-file editors in other CopiaFacts applications.