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CopiaFacts Reference

In previous CopiaFacts versions the term line has been used to describe the unit of a CopiaFacts license which handles a single voice or fax telephone call.  Along with the word thread, it has also been used to describe a license unit for e-mail and SMS.

In this manual, and in CopiaFacts 8.3 applications, we now using the term channel or CopiaFacts channel instead of line or thread.

This change removes many ambiguities from the documentation:

a digital telephone line (for voice or fax) now connects to multiple CopiaFacts channels, not lines

for an incoming call on a telephone line or IP port, we now find a free channel, not a free line.

without confusion, in the same sentence the documentation can now mention both channels and phone lines, text lines in a command file, comment lines, fax header lines, scan lines, memo lines on a cover sheet, and FFMERGE action lines.

Switching to use the term channel still has some potential for ambiguity, but to resolve this we have where relevant used fax-channel or voice-channel or telephony-channel to describe elements of a fax or voice board capacity, and port to describe an element of VoIP or FoIP capacity. When channel appears on its own, it should be taken to refer to a CopiaFacts channel.


The following commands now have alternate names, but to maintain compatibility with earlier releases the old names will continue to be used for the present when commands are generated by a CopiaFacts application, unless FAXFACTS.CFG contains a non-empty variable named USE_CHANNEL_COMMANDS, which will be set in SERCONF for new installations.

CFG     $line_group         $channel_group

        $line_priority      $channel_priority

        $line_vargroup      $channel_vargroup

        $retry_linegroup    $retry_channelgroup

USR/UJP $retry_linegroup    $retry_channelgroup

        $fax_send_line      $fax_send_channel

FS      $retry_linegroup    $retry_channelgroup

        $fax_send_line      $fax_send_channel

        $fax_rcv_line       $fax_rcv_channel

MCF     $message_send_line  $message_send_channel

        $message_rcv_line   $message_rcv_channel

Variable Names and State Names

Three new system variables have been defined.

CNUMReturns the same value as LNUM, the current CopiaFacts channel number.

INTERNAL_CHANNEL   Returns the same value as INTERNAL_LINE, the internal line index within each node.

OC_BCHANReturns the same value as OC_BLINE, the channel used in a transmission attempt.

No other variables or state names have been changed at this time.