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CopiaFacts Reference

Fax and PDF Viewer

FFVIEWER [-m mbxname | -n mbxname | -s mbxname | -a mbxname]

FFVIEWER allows you to display, print or perform simple editing on fax format files. It supports the fax file formats of all of the fax boards which can be used with CopiaFacts, including B4 and A3 sizes. Documents can be viewed in variety of sizes, and can be printed either full-page or with a number of reduced images (thumbnails) per sheet. Viewed documents can be rotated and inverted.

Because FFVIEWER has to work in 'fax resolution' in order to position annotations correctly, we cannot enable it for Windows per-monitor resolution support.  If you have monitors of different resolutions on your system, we recommend using FFVIEWER only on the primary monitor.  We also recommend that you configure it to have its size set by Windows in 'enhanced' mode, which improves clarity. You can do this from the FFVIEWER Settings dialog.
FFVIEWER can also open and convert PDF, HTML, GIF, JPG and PNG files to TIF format.  When a TIF has been displayed after conversion from another format, an Image Options Editor is available to allow modifications to the image conversion options.  You can then reload the original document to view the effect of the conversion options.  Predefined sets of Image Options can then be saved in FAXFACTS.CFG for use by other CopiaFacts applications.

FFVIEWER can load files for viewing using a normal browse dialog, by infobox number (using $image_locn in a user profile), by searching for incoming fax mail, or by drag-and-drop from Explorer. Fax mail files can be moved or copied to another directory for a particular recipient. Command-line switches control fax mail viewing options

A document being viewed can be saved in a different supported file format, with or without cropping. Cropping allows a 'short' cover sheet header to be created from part of a full-page document, or the header strip to be removed from a document which has been faxed in.

FFVIEWER can also originate a fax or e-mail transmission of the document being viewed, with or without cover sheet and optional attachments.

Before saving a document you may add annotations. A set of annotations containing @variable expansions can also be saved as a template (.GCT file) for creating customized graphical cover sheets, or for adding a header line to faxes using the $apply_gct FS command for outbound faxes or the $apply_gct MBX command for incoming faxes:

Annotations can optionally support Unicode but to do this, the $unicode configuration command must specify UTF8 as the encoding for GCT files:

To learn how to perform specific tasks in FFVIEWER, see the FFVIEWER Tasks topics.

For descriptions of all the taskbar functions, see the FFVIEWER Taskbar Buttons topics.

See also FFVIEWER Keyboard Shortcuts and FFVIEWER Command-line Switches.