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Appendix M: CopiaFacts Version History

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Important note: if you are using a build version which you cannot find listed anywhere in this appendix, you should upgrade.  The absence of a small number of build numbers from this appendix means that the build was quickly withdrawn and superseded.  Its change list will have been incorporated into that of the next build.

See the Release Notes for the major changes in CopiaFacts 8.3 and 8.3.1, which are not shown in detail below.  Other release notes topics also show the principal changes since version 7.0. Fixes and later changes in 8.3 are shown below, starting with the most recent.
A summary of changes for each CopiaFacts component appears in Version History by Component.
Changes which may require action or modifications to procedures at some sites are highlighted.

Version 2019.09.06

CFGATEWAYModified the handling of S/MIME decryption to allow multiple instances of the $email_decrypt_keyfile command in a recipient template. This enables the Gateway to include the previous and new private key at the time of a certificate renewal, so that senders can continue to use the old public key for encryption until they have installed the new one.
CFGATEWAYAdded a notification if an expired certificate had been used to decrypt an incoming e-mail when the EMSETUP 'expired certificate' trigger was enabled. Previously this trigger only applied to outbound e-mail.
JOBADMIN, CF8JOBADMFixed an issue which caused the built-in XLS/XLSX file interface to reject a specific and rare invalid cell content which would have been accepted if USE_EXCEL had been specified.
CFMSGFixed a problem which could result in CFCP showing no FS file counts.
COPIAFACTSModified the decision process for $retry_partial so that the interval between retries is taken to be that since the end of the previous attempt, not its start.  See also Partial Retries.
CFCPFixed an issue which led to incorrect or missing information in the Channel Numbers field at a small number of the sites where multiple COPIAFACTS nodes are configured.

Version 2019.08.26

MultipleAdded the detection and reporting of Office 2019 and Office 365, which were previously shown as Office 2016 (Microsoft uses the same internal version number for all of them).
CVSINGLEAdded support for Libre Office 6.3.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where accidentally configuring 'fax mail delivery' in CFHWL could cause a false failure because no voice messages needed for store-and-forward fax applications could be found.
FFCLIENTFixed the sluggish animation of the word-wrap selector on some systems.  At the same time the documentation of this feature has been updated.
FFTRACEFixed an issue which could cause the trace file to be written in the FAXFACTS folder when an override had been specified in the FFTRC environment variable.
CF8IMAGEFixed an issue which resulted in incorrect formatting of word-wrapped cover-sheet memo text when @MEMO1 was not the first item in the annotation text.
EMSETUPChanged the first-time-use defaults to enable the Explorer right-click menu and sending files to Copia using the built-in e-mail server.
CFCLIENTADMINFixed an issue where the width of the first column in the Mailboxes grid could not be adjusted.
Scripts Fixed an incorrect macro character in the sample recipient template files.
STARTCOPIAStarting COPIAFACTS and FFEXTERN will be inhibited, and their checkboxes disabled, if the corresponding service (CFESERVICE or CFXSERVICE) is installed on the same machine.  An event log message will be written if this action is necessary.  [Fixed a regression caused when this change was first implemented in]

Version 2019.08.09

CATDX, CFCP, EMSETUPFixed an issue where Gateway nodes might erroneously be included for selection in a list of COPIAFACTS engine nodes.
MultipleFurther improvements for systems with multiple monitors of different resolutions.
MultipleEnhanced the Find/Replace dialogs in the COPIAEDIT-style command-file editor, and fixed some issues in the Replace dialog in two of the applications where this editor component is used.
COPIAEDITFixed an issue where the "go to line" and "auto-indent" operations were not processed correctly when word-wrap display mode was enabled.
COPIAEDIT, GWMANAGERFixed an issue where creating an $authenticate command could cause an exception if no secret passwords had been defined in CFHWL.
CF8JOBADMBuilt with the IANA 2019b timezone database.  In addition, efficiency improvements have been made in the interface to the database.
CFHWLAdded the ability to paste a text version of the .CopiaKey license update file, for restricted sites where the file cannot be downloaded or sent by e-mail.
CFHWLChanged the error messages relating to a failure to update a license with a .CopiaKey file so that they are non-blocking.
CFHWLAdded a warning panel on the Encrypted Variables dialog about taking good care of the vault password.
CF8IMAGEAdded support for the latest PDFIUM release.
COPIAFACTSAdded new $set_var keywords $stripnl and $vbar to make it easier to handle variables which may contain newline characters.
STATUS, EMSTATUSAn experimental feature has been added to allow automatic refresh of the status display.
FFEXTERNFixed a regression in build which caused addition of a new pre-process operation to fail.

Version 2019.07.07

Multiple Added a new CF_STYLE environment variable to provide an option which disables the use of a Windows 10 appearance on older operating systems.
MultipleFixed some places where only a partial error message text was displayed when an invalid faxable TIF file was opened.
COPIAEDITAdded highlighters for editing HTML and SMR files (open as 'other text file').
CF8EMAILFixed a problem where only one 'non-breaking space' was removed when it appears occasionally at the end of a field originating from an Excel file. We now remove all of them that may be added.
CFHWLModified the View License dialog to remove obsolete features and change the handling of Gateway licenses.
GWMANAGERMade changes in the Gateway manager and in the Gateway service to accommodate the use of node names with Gateway instances.
GWMANAGERAdded the ability to open the current Gateway trace file by right-clicking the Trace label in the main window.
COPIAFACTSAdded support for Sangoma Diva software release 8.5.16. This version of CopiaFacts no longer includes interfaces for earlier Diva versions which support Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 or earlier. Older CopiaFacts versions support these OS. See the Diva Server Version History topic for more details.
COPIAFACTSAdded special handling for an infobox post-process script which is named GW_NOTIFY; it will automatically be replaced at run time by the GW_SECURE_NOTIFY script if the originating e-mail sender to the SMTP Gateway has a matching public key .CER file saved in the CERTIFICATES folder.
CF8SUPPORTAdded a new support function DoesCerExist to determine if a certificate file has been saved for a passed e-mail address.
InstallersFixed a regression in build which could cause the server installer to fail on a first-time install.
ScriptsMade script changes to support options for S/MIME signing and encryption.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where a right-click in the Status panel on the Summary tab failed to automatically reset the column widths.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where the program could sometimes require a click on the Start button before automatically starting, when a node name was not specified on the command line.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which could cause $error_exit in a 'type record' infobox not to trap a hangup during the recording.
COPIAFACTS Modified the validation of the $auto_call command for a fax-on-demand image retrieval, so that it does not cause an error if the node handling the FoD request is not configured for outbound fax.
CF8EMAILFixed the handling of the EMAIL_TARGET variable which could sometimes be expanded before it had been defined.
CF8EMAILAdded a new notification trigger (which can be selected in EMSETUP) to warn when an S/MIME certificate used for signing and encryption is out-of-date.  The recipient should usually still be able to decrypt it, but a receiving mail client would warn on signature verification.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which could under certain conditions cause an active call on a Copia VoIP port to be hung up when an incoming call found all channels busy.
COPIAFACTS, JOBADMINTo assist with upgrading from CopiaFacts 8.2 to 8.3, the $convert_options former keyword ADOBESETP will now be accepted in place of the new option name PDFSETP. This option was renamed because it affects all PDF conversions, not just those using Adobe products. To have CopiaFacts applications also write this option name into UJP and FS command files, the environment variable USE_ADOBESETP (or $environment command variable) must be assigned a non-empty value. On the Options tab in JOBADMIN the option is still shown as PDFSETP.
COPIAFACTSFixed an exception on attempting to expand the JOBOWNER_CODE or JOBOWNER_FOLDER variables when the job instance UJP file named on a $fax_user FS command had not been found.
MultipleCorrected the handling of a few special environment variable names, which were only used if specified on an $environment configuration files and not if they were specified in the Windows system environment.

Version 2019.06.12

CFINFOFixed an issue which could in rare cases show the wrong version of the BladeWare service as the latest installed version.
CFCPFixed some unusual cases where incorrect actions appeared in the action menu.
TRCVIEWFixed a regression which caused the file type for the file open dialog not to be retained for the next use.
CVSINGLEFixed the processing of PDF files when the 'original' QPDF converter was selected, which could sometimes fail to convert the first page of a document correctly.
FFTRACEResolved some anomalies in overriding the folder for FFTRACE trace files.  The to specify a folder for trace files on the command line or in the nodename dialog has been removed. The default of writing the trace files to the FAXFACTS folder is now overridden only by defining a folder path in FFTRC either as an environment variable or using $environment.
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue where the incoming signature certificate from a signed message might not be saved if the message had also been decrypted. A new variable SMTP_SAVED_SIGNCERT with value Y or N has also been added.
CF8EMAILFixed a regression which could cause a failure when both S/MIME signing and encryption were enabled.
CF8EMAILImproved the messages reported on errors with outbound signed and encrypted e-mail.
CFCLIENTADMINFixed an incorrect button caption when used on high-DPI screens.
COPIAEDITFixed an issue which could under some conditions fail to prompt to save the file on closing the program.
COPIAEDIT, GWMANAGEREnhanced the authentication feature: in addition to triggering a password request when an IIF or FST file starts with an $authenticate command, these files are also scanned for a SECRET password in any non-commented command parameter.  If found, this will also trigger a password request and the required authentication command will be added.

Version 2019.06.02

COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which caused $var_def_copy commands for PR and OC variables to fail if they contained a comment string.
COPIAFACTSFixed a small number of error codes which were incorrectly recorded in the trace file as Microsoft run-time library (RTL) errors instead of Windows errors, resulting in an incorrect error description text being displayed in TRCVIEW.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem after an install or upgrade at some sites where a missing nodename.TSP (TOSEND Priorities) file might be reported in the trace until a change was made on the Queues tab.
STATUSFixed an issue which could under some rare conditions cause Escape not to stop an FS file scan.
CF8IMAGEAdded support for the latest PDFIUM release.
GWMANAGERFixed a regression in build 243 which prevented the list of recipient domains from being successfully edited.
EMSTATUSAdded a new program, a version of STATUS which supports the filtering by originator e-mail address of fax traffic generated via the CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway.
Installers Modified the server installer options dialog so that it only checks for content indexing once, provided it is disabled (either already, or after detection).  This eliminates a wait before each subsequent install begins.  The options dialog also now has a status line which displays what is happening during the pre-installation checks.
InstallersThe CopiaFacts server installer now adds some other text file types to the master copies held in the ScriptMasterCopies folder, and records the path names of any files which have updated master copies.  Enhancements have also been made to the speed of the installation.
COPIAEDITThe difference viewer has been enhanced to use the list of updated master copies (after a CopiaFacts upgrade) to assist with updating your working copy of the file.  The difference viewer is also improved to simplify the updating of any working copy of the file.

Version 2019.05.09

CFTESTFixed an issue which could cause an incorrect message to display on an error which was caused by an invalid CopiaFacts configuration, and another issue which could sometimes cause an error on closing the program.
OTFCONFIGModified the handling of the local port setting on the Protocols tab so that the value is always shown, instead of showing only when it overrides the default value of 5060.
DocumentationUpdated the babyTEL topic to reflect the latest configuration advice from babyTEL.

Version 2019.05.02

FFEXTERNFixed an issue in some Special Process operations where setting a 'scan limit' to a zero value would prevent the scan being stopped using the main Stop button or by disabling the special process.
FFEXTERNFixed a regression in the FXTXTSCAN Special Process which failed to default the scan extension to .TXT.
FFEXTERNMost Special Process operations have been enhanced by automatically skipping recently-created files when found in a scan, thus allowing time for the file to be completely written. Previously, a delay was added in some special processes before opening each file. The file will now be loaded on the next pass when its timestamp is in the last 3 seconds. This time interval can be overridden for each Special Process affected.
FFSAVEChanged the defaults so that the user temporary folder name is obtained from that used by FFCLIENT.
COPIAFACTSAdded a checkbox on the options tab which will save the main CopiaFacts configuration files for the node on successful startup of  the program.
InstallersThe CopiaFacts installation programs have been upgraded with improved facilities and appearance. They now join many other CopiaFacts 8.3 programs in no longer supporting Windows XP, Server 2003 or earlier operating systems. As a result installation on these unsupported, insecure operating systems is no longer possible.  CopiaFacts 8.2 was the last release we tested and supported on XP/2003.

Version 2019.04.18

FFEXTERNFixed an issue where the conversion options to use LibreOffice for Excel and PowerPoint files were being actioned from the $convert_options command (LOXLS, LOPPT) but not from the CVTOPTS environment variable (S,T).
InstallersCorrected the selection of WAV files in the right-hand server installer checklist, where selecting either a-law or μ-law would install the folder containing files for the opposite compression method.
GWMANAGERA new button on the Validation tab allows the GWTEMPLATES and GWRecipientDomains folders to be moved to a local folder. This allows incoming e-mails to continue to be validated even if access to the COPIA share is interrupted.
COPIAEDITFixed a regression affecting the display of the status lines in the difference viewer.
CFHWLFixed a problem where replacing an evaluation key (serial 0001) by double-clicking a .copiakey file could sometimes lead to an invalid license key being installed.
OTFCONFIGUpdated the "wizard" screen shots to match the current babyTEL and Flowroute web pages.
MultipleFixed a regression in build 243 which could cause incorrect display of grid headings in a few programs.
SERCONFAdded an option to insert the standard Data Extraction variables to the FAXFACTS.CFG file.
OTFCONFIGFixed an error which could sometimes cause an incorrect profile to be saved on 'Update Profile'.

Version 2019.03.30

FFVIEWERResolved an issue which could cause HTML documents to be rendered as a TIF with incorrect size on a high-DPI monitor.
CFCPFixed an issue where the program version number was not displayed on some machines.
CFINFOCorrected and improved the reporting of monitor information.
Documentation Documented a false positive anti-virus detection affecting the BladeWare installer.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new system variable SHUTDOWN_TYPE.
COPIAFACTSImproved the handling of a conditional shutdown which is initiated while a $type transfer infobox is preparing to dial an outbound linked call.
CF8JOBADMBuilt with the IANA 2019a Timezone database.

Version 2019.03.19

TRCVIEWResolved some font size issues when the window has been moved between monitors with different DPI settings.
STATUSResolved some column width issues when the window has been moved between monitors with different DPI settings.  If grid column widths are incorrect, a new View menu item will auto-size them.
JOBADMINResolved some font size and column width issues when the window has been moved between monitors with different DPI settings.  If grid column widths are incorrect, you can right-click in the grid to the right of or below all cells to auto-size the columns.
COPIAFACTSResolved some column width issues when the window has been moved between monitors with different DPI settings.  If grid column widths are incorrect, you can right-click in the grid to the right of or below all cells to auto-size the columns.
CVSINGLEFixed an issue where some conversion failures in the built-in PDF converter were reported with outcome code 627 instead of with the specific error number.
CFCLIENTADMINAdded the ability to export the contents of the Mailboxes grid to a CSV or XLSX file.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem with displaying and showing hints for Windows run-time library errors in the Scrollback tab.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where enabling the SELF_BUSY variable could fail to override the No Self-Busy run-time option.
COPIAFACTSFixed the handling of the Conditional Shutdown option setting, which could sometimes fail to convert a controlled shutdown to an immediate shutdown at the end of the specified period.
STATUSAdded a View menu option (default: enabled) to show the full cell contents in a hint when the cell entry is truncated.
MultipleOn saving files where automatic backups are made, the warning pop-up when a large number of old backup files exist will now self-cancel.

Version 2019.02.26

See also the 8.3.1 Release Notes topic.
OMACHECKNow changes the service start type to manual if Service Mode is disabled, and to Automatic if it is enabled and automatic was selected when the CFOMASERVICE service was installed. This prevents the service from restarting on boot-up when OMACHECK has disabled it.
OMACHECKNow flashes its taskbar icon every five minutes if the window is left open (not monitoring).  A notification is still sent after 30 minutes, if configured in EMSETUP.
COPIAEDITFixed a problem with the Replace dialog, which could skip a repeated replacement under some conditions.  At the same time the Find and Replace dialogs have been made non-modal.
COPIAEDITFixed the Auto-Indent menu item (shortcut F9) which calculated indentation incorrectly if the conditional command was followed immediately by a TAB character.
CF8CLIENTFixed a problem which caused garbled hint text for "Fax PDF Document using FFCLIENT" in the Explorer context menu on a 64-bit operating system.
CF8IMAGEThe positioning of PDF annotations from a .GPT file has been slightly changed.  Since PDF annotations are designed in FFVIEWER on a PDF which has been converted to TIF, their final position on the original PDF can be affected by the conversion options.  The GPT_X and GPT_Y variables can now be used to adjust the scaling.
CF8EMAILFixed an issue which caused the default generated Message-ID value to be used in the content-ID for embedded images (and in the trace file messages) when the value had been overridden (and used in the e-mail) from an $email_header Message-ID command.
CF8JOBADMModified the handling of multiple FS template $email_header commands for X-Mailer in the CreateInstance job function so that the hierarchy of multiple such commands is preserved.  This allows a keyword none to suppress earlier commands, instead of just suppressing the default command content.
TRCVIEWFixed the display of Windows error descriptions on the status line, which affected some systems.
CFUTIL PINFixed the re-index operation, which could fail to rewrite the file (having backed it up).
DNSUPDFixed the initial normalization re-indexing of the default DNS.NDX file, which failed when run in the NANP area.
CF8SUPPORTA third parameter has been added to the HTTPGet function to return the error message if the GET operation fails.
COPIAFACTSWhen an attempt is made to write a multiple-line text to the engine trace file, only the first line is written; previously only the last line was written.
CF8JOBADMBuilt with the IANA 2018i Timezone database.
CVSINGLEAdded support for LibreOffice 6.2.
EMDIRECTFixed an occasional problem where the 'send files to Copia' operation failed to add the serial number in the ZIP filename.
CFGATEWAY Enhanced the notification triggers so that the 'file save' failure trigger will also pick up a disk full condition on saving the incoming message, and the 'file load' failure trigger will also pick up a failure to find the folder containing the sender templates.  Not finding a sender template itself is of course a validation issue. not a failure.
EMSETUPFixed an issue where in some cases the inability to determine the local public IP address could lead to an invalid $email_localname command being generated in FAXFACTS.CFG.
CF8EMAILFixed the KEEP_FOLDER processing for kept e-mails, which failed to expand variables in the value.
CF8SMS04Added a KEEP_SMS feature.
COPIAFACTSAdded a $convert_types keyword modifier for pdf.  For example pdf2 will specify the use of Document Converter only for PDF files of over two pages: single- and two-page files will be converted on-the-fly in the COPIAFACTS engine.
FFEXTERNExtended the converter options dialog to support modifiers for the $convert_options pdf keyword.
CF8IMAGEFixed a problem which could cause an exception when CF8IMAGE was enabled in FFTRACE and a specific Image Options Set content was enabled.
DocumentationThe Table of Contents icons in the Web-Help and EBook have been changed to make it easier to distinguish the different icons.
DocumentationChanged "CLX" to "Sinch" following the company reorganization, and updated CLX links.

Version 2019.03.11

COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which caused the LINE_ERROR state to be repeatedly entered, so that a trace message was displayed if Trace Processing States was enabled.
FFBCMDFixed a regression which caused this program to fail on startup.

Version 2019.01.17

COPIAFACTSFixed an error which caused a crash while recording a fatal error on a Copia VoIP Port connection.
CF8JOBADMFixed the handling of trailing blanks in list header row when the list was used for WordMerge.
CF8EMAIL, EMDIRECTImproved the handling of Explicit TLS in conjunction with Authentication, which could result in rejection of the e-mail on some mail servers.

Version 2018.12.31

COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where in some circumstances using an infobox name of 16 or more characters could cause a crash.
COPIAFACTSFixed a recent regression which disabled Copia VoIP Ports.
CF8JOBADMFixed the GetOpenInstancePath function which was returning the last job item number instead of the next.
OTFCONFIGFixed a regression in which caused the program to fail, reporting an invalid PNG file.

Version 2018.12.21

COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which could cause a rare crash when processing a $set_var command with invalid syntax.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which caused the standard variable expansion character @ to be used instread of accent grave (`) on an $email... or $sms... command when the command was used in a $set_var concatenation expression.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which could cause an exception in some cases where the $trace_line command was used.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new $json operator for the $set_var command to enable the creation of a JSON object from CopiaFacts variables.
CF8EMAILFixed a regression which caused an override Message-ID specified on an $email_header command to be retained for subsequent e-mails on the same channel.
CF8SUPPORTFixed a problem with the override Port parameter on the HTTPPost function.  This parameter has been removed, leaving the incorporation of an override port number in the URL as the specification method.
CF8SUPPORTModified the Pos function so that an empty second parameter is not rejected.
JOBADMINFixed a regression which in some situations caused the job status not to be restored correctly after items had been resubmitted.
EMSETUPHighlighted in red a sip: prefix, if missing when required, on the sample command files as well as in the entry fields.
COPIAFACTSEnhanced the reporting of BladeWare call placement outcome codes by using the mapped ITU Q.850 cause value, when available.  In most cases this will result in call placement outcome codes in the usual CopiaFacts 6000 range instead of a more generic BladeWare error in the CopiaFacts 7000 range.

Version 2018.12.10

CF8EMAILRestored the ability to use none to suppress the X-Mailer header.
OTFCONFIGAdded an entry field on the Protocol Options tab to allow the local SIP port to be changed from the default of 5060.
FFBCFixed a regression which caused the list and broadcast tabs to become confused.
COPIAFACTSAdded an FS command $sms_from and a variable SMS_FROM, which will replace the specific commands in the SMS aggregator interfaces.

Version 2018.12.05

JOBADMINFurther enhancement of the Open Jobs feature.
COPIAFACTSFixed a race condition which could occasionally cause a message in an FS queue to be lost if only a single channel was configured to consume the MSMQ queue.
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue where a 500 SMTP result (syntax error) was sometimes given instead of the correct error code on recipient and sender validation.

Version 2018.11.27

COPIAEDITAdded an interlock to prevent a UJP file being opened in COPIAEDIT and JOBADMIN at the same time.  This reduces the chance of errors if a job instance is being edited  in COPIAEDIT during a manual launch.
FFMRGMVAdded variables FFM_IMGnNAME where n can take values 1 to 8, to supply names for additional attachments.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression in build which could cause BladeWare fax transmissions to fail when a $dial_limit command was in use to control the rate of starting new calls.
CF8JOBADMThe Open Jobs feature has been enhanced and simplified.
CF8EMAILFixed a regression which could cause sending TLS e-mails to fail.
CF8EMAILAdded the ability to override the Message-ID header by supplying a custom unique string.
GWMANAGERFixed a regression in which at some sites could cause an incorrect error message on saving changes when TLS was enabled.
COPIAFACTSEnhanced the Job Administration scripting feature by allowing the length of parameter values passed to and returned from the DLL to be increased to the maximum CopiaFacts variable size of about 8000 characters.  Setting a maximum is now a requirement in order to make use of this feature.
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue which could cause DKIM validation to be performed twice for each message.
CFGATEWAYFixed the extraction of the e-mail subject text after removal of the fax number of an encrypted incoming e-mail, so that it appears in the ROUTETO variable as documented.
STATUSFixed a problem where some of the items on the status line at the foot of the window were truncated.  The search window which opens at the foot of the table has also been adjusted for highDPI screens.

Version 2018.11.16

GWMANAGERImproved the certificate validation and fixed some checks which conflicted with the CFGATEWAY changes in
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which caused failures to copy the TIF file to the CALLBACK\CONSOL folder for consolidation.
CF8SMS04A new interface has been added for Sinch SMS.
MultipleMade further improvements to screen appearance on Windows 10 for use on high-DPI displays.
TRCVIEWFixed an issue where Copia VoIP port trace lines could sometimes not be excluded when viewing FFTRACE output.
CFINFO, COPIAFACTSFixed a rare issue on some machines where the collection of information could be delayed for up to several minutes on start-up.

Version 2018.11.02

CF8JOBADMThe legacy feature where a job list file with a name starting 'GROUP' was assumed to contain a list of job list files is no longer supported.  The NO_LIST_GROUP variable to suppress this is also ignored.
GWMANAGERFixed a problem where the GWI_CUSTOM variable was not set from the dialog used to send invitations for secure e-mail.
CF8EMAILFixed a problem where a specific remote mailservers might reject an attempt to send an e-mail using TLS.
CFGATEWAYReverted to using a single SMTP mailserver to handle incoming mail both with and without TLS security, and dropped the dependency on .Net introduced in release  The second trace file with file extensions .GSx is no longer created.
COPIAFACTSModified the Copia VoIP Ports interface so that the @ is omitted from the Contact header URI if the user for the account is not set (in the fourth $voip parameter).
COPIAFACTSAdded the ability to e-mail low-level post-mortem trace information automatically to Copia support for some unexpected failure types. The trace information does not contain user data, and is in addition to notifications which you may have configured in EMSETUP. If your system is secured and cannot send e-mail please contact Copia support for information on how to send this information manually.
COPIAFACTSChanged the voice-file validation for Copia VoIP ports to allow a file to be 'played' if if has a zero-length stream of voice data.
COPIAFACTSAdditional monitoring of the BladeWare service has been implemented, to enable earlier detection of occasional failures which result in a BladeWare 'bad session'.
EMSETUPAdded a trigger to confirm the restart of COPIAFACTS after OMACHECK has detected and actioned a stale OMA file. This trigger will be activated if COPIAFACTS is started within 15 minutes since the last modified time of its OMA file.
EMSETUPAdded a trigger to notify that a COPIAFACTS channel has been taken out of service on an irrecoverable error.
EMDIRECTAdded the From address from EMSETUP as the default Reply-To address in the Send to Copia dialog, and added the saving of the entered Reply-To address for the next use of the dialog.
CVSINGLEUpdated LibreOffice support for version 6.1.
CF8JOBADMBuilt with the IANA 2018g Timezone database.
COPIAEDITMade further usability improvements to the difference viewer for Copia standard scripts.
DocumentationChanged "Comodo" to "Sectigo" following their rebranding.  Web links have not been changed.

Version 2018.10.09

CF8IMAGEFixed a problem where missing images in an HTML file, to be converted with the built-in HTML converter, could sometimes cause a failure of the conversion.  At the same time images referenced in the HTML with an https: URL are no longer ignored.
COPIAFACTSFixed a reversion which resulted in some settings not being saved on exit.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which caused the failure result code of an outbound linked call on a Copia VoIP port channel not to be recorded in the CATERM variable.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where an OK response from BladeWare to an incoming INVITE message could be rejected by a specific SIP service.
CFINFOAdded some more information items.
MultipleFixed some display issues and icon sizes on high-resolution monitors.
COPIAEDITEnhanced the difference viewer for Copia standard scripts to allow copying lines from the master script.
OMACHECKAdded the ability to run the file-monitoring component of OMACHECK as a Windows service.
OTFCONFIGRevised the log options added in the CFG file.  Added additional programs to be shut down in the generated command file to run BladeWare and CopiaFacts.
SERCONFRevised the default log options added in the CFG file.
REMOVEDSDropped support for Microsoft Office 2007.

Version 2018.09.13

CFINFOAdded information about installed monitors.
GWMANAGERDIsabled the 'Work with Templates' button if template validation is not selected.
CFCLIENTADMINFixed a problem which caused MBX and USR files to be 'updated' when no change had been made.
CFCLIENTADMINFixed a problem which could sometimes cause a second or third e-mail address to be copied to the next row in the 'mailboxes' grid.
CFCLIENTADMIN Improved the speed of loading the mailboxes grid, and removed the need to select 'save this row' manually after making a change. Instead you can use a new right-click menu item, or key Escape, in the grid to cancel pending changes.
CFGATEWAYFixed a race condition which could occasionally result in the MIF file not being found while scanning the saved message folder.
COPIAFACTSAdded a SET_COVER variable to allow a specified cover sheet to be replaced in a pre-process operation.
TRCVIEWFixed a problem finding the file to 'send to Copia' when TRCVIEW was started in a command session with an incomplete trace pathname as the command parameter.
EMSETUPAdded a new notification trigger for when a PreProcess/PostProcess/PostReceive script is missing.
FFCLIENTAdded a new feature to support wordwrap in cover-sheet memo text. This also requires CopiaFacts server components or later.
OTFCONFIGRecorded the contents of the Protocol Settings box as documentation variables in FAXFACTS.CFG.  These variables are not used as such by CopiaFacts.
COPIAFACTSAdded Copia VoIP ports to the interfaces which support the $inbound_delay configuration command.
InstallersFixed an issue where the CopiaClientInstall program could sometimes fail to find a necessary DLL when run for a reinstall.
CF8IMAGEFixed a problem which caused the conversion of some non-faxable TIF files to fail.
COPIAFACTSFixed the handling of some rarely-occurring errors reported by the Microsoft run-time library. These were recorded in the trace just as 'Windows errors' which resulted in the TRCVIEW status line and the engine 'scrollback' tab showing the wrong description for these error numbers.
CFUTIL WINERRNow shows run-time library error texts by entering for example RTL28 as the error code to be displayed.
CFINFO, COPIAFACTSRemoved some topics from the CFINFO display, also used in the engine trace headings, which caused a failure on XP/2003 or earlier. Using CopiaFacts 8.3 on these operating systems remains strongly deprecated.
JOBADMINFixed a regression in which caused a failure to load the main window.

Version 2018.08.06

COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which caused an assignment to FS_IFILENAME with an FS_INDEX value of zero (to change the cover sheet) to fail if no $fax_filename commands were present in the FS file.
CFCLIENTADMINAdded the ability to search for infoboxes using the $script_locn commands in FAXFACTS.CFG, matching the search logic in the COPIAFACTS engine.
GWMANAGERFixed an issue which could sometimes cause the warning that .Net was not installed not to be shown when TLS operations were selected.
GWMANAGERPrevented the Gateway service from being started from the Gateway manager if .Net is not installed.
FFCLIENTAdded retries on writing the generated FS file, to avoid occasional network problems causing a failure.
FFCLIENTImproved a number of pop-up error messages.
FFEXTERNAdded retries on moving printed files to the PRINTED folder.
TRCVIEWCorrected the operation of the Home and End keys in a trace file containing more than a million lines.
CF8IMAGEFixed a problem which affected conversions from the special HTML-format job list
COPIAFACTSRestored the reporting of Windows network cache lifetime values to the engine trace headings.
CF8IMAGEBuilt to use an updated version of the CFPDFium DLL. The version checking for this DLL has also been improved, so that an accidental attempt to use an incorrect DLL version will result in the conversion being done with the alternate PDF renderer.

Version 2018.07.27

OMACHECK, FFSAVEFixed a problem which occasionally caused the icon on the taskbar tab not to appear.
FFMRGMVFixed a problem where the icon failed to appear in the taskbar notification area on some Windows 10 systems.
GWMANAGERFixed a regression which could cause the TLS certificate path and password not to be saved.
GWMANAGERAdded an event-log message to record when the Gateway service was started or stopped.
COPIAFACTS, FFEXTERN Fixed the execution of CFCHECKTEMP to update the 'local temp' configuration. It was failing to run from a non-elevated COPIAFACTS or FFEXTERN instance, instead of requesting elevation.
FFEXTERNFixed the failure to set options correctly when Libre Office was selected for Excel or Powerpoint files.
InstallersFixed an issue which could cause a report of a license failure on the first Client install.
DocumentationFixed the context-sensitive help in a small number of desktop applications which failed to respond to keying F1.

Version 2018.07.20

ScriptsThe master script copies in SAMPLES\ScriptMasterCopies are now installed with their last modification date, instead of the installation date. This makes it easier to check whether an update has been done later than the working copy in your SCRIPTS folder.
OMACHECKA new provided OMACK.BAT file can be used to shut down and restart BladeWare and COPIAFACTS without a reboot. OMACK.BAT will almost always need to be edited (see the embedded comments) before use at your site. On an upgrade, this file will not replace an older version if it is already found in your Copia folder under Program Files.  However a copy is also placed in the FAXFACTS\Samples folder in case you wish to use it to update the original.
OMACHECKFixed an issue where manually added items (these are no longer needed on the command line) could duplicate existing entries.
COPIAEDITOpening a script infobox (.IIF) file will now display a warning if a later version is found in the SAMPLES\ScriptMasterCopies folder, with an option to view the differences.  In addition the file date/time of the current file now appears in the window title bar.
TRCVIEWRemoved the Control-Shift-0 and Control-0 shortcut keys to store and retrieve bookmarks manually, because newer versions of Windows may prevent the use of Control-Shift-0.  Instead there is a new menu option to save any bookmarks automatically for each file.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which under some circumstances could fail to record the reason for ceasing to write the OMA file, resulting in incorrect actions being taken.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue when BladeWare SIP registration was configured, which could cause an unregister operation not to occur on a controlled shutdown.  A change has also been made to do an unregister operation on immediate shutdown also.

Version 2018.07.04

COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which caused a failure to process correctly an FS file containing a future processing date/time, when ACTIVE_WORK was enabled.
EMDIRECTAdded the ability to save the ZIP file containing the collected 'send to Copia' files without sending an e-mail, so that the ZIP can be sent by other means.
EMDIRECTFixed an issue where a Reply-To address could not be entered on the 'send to Copia' dialog.
DocumentationAdded a topic to describe common fax error outcomes.
CFGWSMTPUpgraded the Gateway Secure SMTP server to support TLS version 1.2.

Version 2018.06.14

CF8INFOTIP64Fixed an issue which could prevent installation of the infotip feature on some 64-bit systems, or cause Explorer to terminate in some others.
MultipleUpdated the handling of Windows File Associations to reflect current Microsoft guidelines.
CF8IMAGECorrected one of the tags describing the software used, when writing a TIF file.  In some cases this only used the first character of the description.
FFCLIENTImproved the hint and the documentation for the 'clipboard' feature.

Version 2018.06.06

CF8JOBADM, FFBCAdded a feature to truncate any incoming broadcast-list variable (BCFx) which exceeds 8000 characters, to guard against the receipt of malformed broadcast list files.
CF8EMAILAdded a special code of RD in the MX_CONTINUE variable to cause 'relay denied' errors to be retried using the mail servers defined by additional MX records.
COPIAFACTSAdded the ability to configure a minimum interval between connection of a Copia VoIP Ports call and the start of playing of the first message. User variables VOIP_DELAY_PLAY_IB and VOIP_DELAY_PLAY_OB can be used to specify the interval in milliseconds.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression where a small number of lesser-used options on the Options tab were not enabled when selected.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new Option on the Options tab to suppress the updating of the Counts panel and the Channel Status panel on the Summary tab. This option is only effective when Trace to Display is also disabled.

Version 2018.05.20

COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which caused some fax file preparation errors to result in a BladeWare 'bad session' error.  At the same time the documentation of the PREPARE_FAX variable has been clarified.
COPIAFACTS The Status field on the Summary page will now show the page count in addition to the page number while a fax is being transmitted.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which caused the $nointerrupt and $flushdtmf commands not to be processed in some sequences of infobox files.
COPIAFACTSAdded a kill flag value for registration failure and timeout on BladeWare SIP ports.
CFINFOFixed an error in the display of the time zone offset (also in the COPIAFACTS trace headings).
CF8IMAGEModified the built-in PDF rendering to attempt a conversion with the original PDF renderer if the default PDFium conversion fails. This may be necessary if the document contains a rarely-encountered feature (such as an embedded attachment file) which is not supported by PDFium.

Version 2018.05.01

CF8IMAGEAdded a new image options keyword, BGCOLORn to specify the removal of solid background colors from an image. The value n is a percentage: when a single color supplies this percentage, or more, of the non-white pixels on a page, all pixels of that color are forced to white. For affected documents, this option can reduce size and transmission time by up to 90%, with significantly improved legibility of the received fax.
CF8IMAGEAdded a new feature which allows one or more additional image options sets to be tried when the size of the fax-compressed data for a page exceeds a specified limit.  This can be configured to allow automatic conversion of 'difficult' documents with improved legibility and reduced transmission time.
FFVIEWERMade several usability improvements to the Image Options Editor, including the ability to reload an image option set from FAXFACTS.CFG by right-clicking a numbered button, better hints and visibility for the selected option, and improved grouping of the options.
CFGATEWAYThis release has re-implemented the 'secure' (TLS) feature using an improved library based on .Net. If you wish to specify an SSL/TLS certificate for your CopiaFacts Gateway you will need to ensure that .Net is available on your server. The .Net dependency is not present if you continue to use the Gateway without offering TLS to your e-mail senders. As a result of this change, there are now two separate Gateway log files when TLS is enabled, with name .GSn for the secure SMTP server. .GWn log files are still used for the processing of e-mail received by the secure SMTP server.
GWMANAGERThe "Service" tab has some changes in the SMTP Settings box to reflect the changes to CFGATEWAY for TLS support.
TRCVIEWModified to allow selection of .GSn files as Gateway trace files, in addition to .GWn.
CFCPAdded the ability (in the right-click Action menu) to select trace files to be sent to Copia Support to assist in problem diagnosis and resolution.
OMACHECKFixed an issue where for a few of the causes of OMACHECK activation, the collection of trace files was suppressed when the OMACHECK notification specified that a copy of the notification should be sent to Copia support.
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue which could cause messages to recipient domains not appearing in the list of valid recipient domains not to be rejected. Warning: if you receive e-mail to multiple domains and have failed to include one of your recipient domains in the list in GWMANAGER, upgrading to this release could now cause e-mail to that domain to be rejected, until you add the missing domain.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where the presence of a period character '.' in the full pathname of the FAXFACTS folder could cause a $type menu infobox to be processed incorrectly in an IVR application, and to cause run-time errors.
FFEXTERNFixed an issue in some operating system environments where the X overlay on the application taskbar icon was not displayed when the application was in inactive state.
FFEXTERNTo catch an accidental failure to reactivate after making configuration changes, a change has been made to suppress writing the OMA file while FFEXTERN is inactive.
TRCVIEWAdded an F6 keyboard action to exclude lines which have a highlighted string (the opposite of the F7 action).
CF8IMAGEFixed a problem in the original built-in PDF renderer where oversized original documents (other than A3 and B4 sizes) were not automatically scaled to fit a page. This issue did not affect the PDFium renderer.
COPIAFACTSFixed an error which caused a linked outbound voice call to cause an exception on a system with ACTIVE_WORK enabled.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which could cause an exception on accidentally visiting state VOICE_FAIL from an infobox in a context other than a standalone outbound voice call.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where some short WAV files such as a 'beep' to introduce a voice recording operation would play continuously.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where a rejected inbound call could fail to release its RTP port.
CF8EMAILModified processing of the HELO/EHLO command to avoid some mail servers reporting a syntax error.
CF8EMAILUpdated the defaults for the $email_settings command to better reflect current Internet speeds and conditions.
EMDIRECTEnsured that the program closes when called to send a notification and notifications are disabled.
EMDIRECTFixed the Subject line in the log file which was not showing the correct text.
FFCLIENTFixed a display problem on the 'add attachments' page.

Version 2018.03.30

EMSETUPFixed a problem which could cause some notifications not to be sent to the default recipients when files were also collected to be sent to Copia support.
CF8IMAGEFixed an issue where the appearance of an image option keyword in <comment> area of the default (0) $image_options command could disrupt the image conversion processing.
CF8IMAGEFixed an issue which could occasionally cause a PDF conversion to fail.
STATUSFixed an issue where in some circumstances the FFTRACE file was not being added to the Send To Copia list.
ScriptsFixed a typo in GW_NOTIFY.IIF.  Note that new scripts never automatically update files in your FAXFACTS\SCRIPTS folder: please update your copy from the SAMPLES\ScriptMasterCopies folder.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression in which could cause some retries to fail with a report of an invalid keyword IMG-1 on a $convert_options command.

Version 2018.03.12

EMSETUPFixed a regression which confused the dialog for setting recipient To addresses on the main form with that on the notifications dialog for specific notifications.
DNSUPDAdded to the GUI interface the ability to select and load a text file containing a list of items to be added to the specified NDX file.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where the ImgN keyword was being rejected on a $convert_options command.
GWMANAGERRemoved the 'recipient list' settings to simplify the the dialog for sender template properties.  This feature will be offered as an option for Job Administration.
STATUSFixed an issue where a trace file might not be picked up for a Send Files to Copia operation if there was no attempt record command in the FS file.

Version 2018.03.06

STATUSModified some of the optional columns to combine date and time in a single column so that they can be sorted more effectively.  If you use these optional columns, please check your settings.  This change affects: Last Attempt and Next Attempt Date/Time, and a new column Originated Date/Time.  In addition the extraction of data from the obsolete $job_id and $job_owner commands has been removed. Full documentation for the content of each column has been added, and some other small errors corrected.
FFCLIENTAdded $fax_request_date and $fax_request_time to every generated FS file. This allows the origination date and time to be displayed in STATUS (see above) for Client-generated transactions in the same way as others.
FFCLIENTFixed some issues with extra FS commands on the Setup tab when comments and/or blank lines appear in the list of commands.
STATUSFixed a problem where the sort columns were not retained between executions of the program if multiple sort columns had been selected.
STATUSFixed a long-standing issue where the first column could be scrolled out of view when a refresh ends.
STATUSAdded a new feature to save and load 'column sets' to enable convenient use of STATUS for multiple types of display and monitoring.
STATUSOptimized the loading of variables from CFG and USR files to increase the scanning speed. Variables not used in most FS files will no longer be loaded.  An item in the Options menu is available to restore the original data extraction operations.
GWMANAGER Clarified the pop-up hint for TLS options.
CFGATEWAYFixed a regression which could cause faxes for additional recipients (multiple To: addresses) to be sent to the first recipient fax number.
CFGATEWAY Added $fax_request_date and $fax_request_time to every generated FS file. This allows the origination date and time to be displayed in STATUS (see above) for Gateway-generated transactions in the same way as others.
EMSETUPAdded a feature to check the DNS records for the local IP address to check whether it has a PTR record pointing to a host which has an address record matching the same IP address.

Version 2018.02.28

FFVIEWERFixed a problem where saving a file created from a new blank document would not force a new file name to be assigned.
FFVIEWERChanged the first-use default of the dual-use Infobox/Mail Select button to be for select mail.
EMDIRECTEnhanced the feature to Send Files to Copia, so that if a transmission fails the zipped attachment file is saved for transmission by another means. This can be useful when sending a trace file relating to a problem with the initial configuration of the feature.
EMDIRECTFixed a problem where some transmissions would be rejected when the TLS setting was set to None (disabled).
EMSETUPAdded the ability to send copies of notification messages to Copia support staff, with CopiaFacts trace files automatically appended when appropriate.
CFINFOAdded a report of the process start time of each running service.  This is only available when CFINFO is running elevated, or when the COPIAFACTS trace file, which embeds the same report, is running elevated or as a service.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which could result an exception with the program incorrectly reporting that there were no available RTP ports for Copia VoIP Ports.
COPIAFACTSFixed an race condition which could very occasionally cause an exception on shutdown of Copia VoIP ports during an unregister operation.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which broke the processing of broadcast items launched into an FS-file MSMQ.
COPIAFACTSImproved the reporting of status to CFCP while waiting for BladeWare service startup.
CF8IMAGEFixed an incorrect error message when CHECK_BLANK_TIF was enabled with specific tracing options set.
CF8IMAGEModified the defaults so that the original built-in PDF converter is used for on-the-fly conversions of PDF files in place of the PDFIUM converter.
OTFCONFIGImproved the babyTel 'wizard' settings by adding a $dial_limit command as a default in FAXFACTS.CFG.
OTFCONFIGUpdated the example entries and hint texts for the Register and Calls tabs.
OTFCONFIGChanged the recording of 'not needed' checkbox settings from the registry to node-specific $environment commands.  This allows different settings to be saved for different nodes.
OTFSTARTModified the logging to write to the engine node FTx  if initiated by COPIAFACTS in service mode. CFUTIL must be enabled in FFTRACE.
GWMANAGERFixed a problem which could cause failure to find the recipient domain from which an invitation is to be sent during the process of configuring S/MIME secure e-mail.
CFGATEWAYFixed a regression where multiple e-mail messages on a single login were not handled correctly.
SERCONFFixed the initial default document converter settings to use Document Converter for all conversions.
STATUSEnhanced the expansion of variables in the 'sender' and 'recipient' columns to avoid an embedded @ causing the loss of part of a domain name. Variables from the FS and USR file are now expanded, but only if the source field begins with the variable expansion character (default @).
STATUSEnhanced the collection of files to 'send to Copia' from the right-click menu. Engine files are now found if named with the different conventions used when running as a service; and the chosen Gateway trace file is based on the date of the incoming email, not the that of latest FS file attempt.
DocumentationThe web-help full-text search function has been enhanced and can now prompt for suggested topics as you type a search term.

Version 2018.02.06

MultipleApplication windows and dialogs now support improved scaling for higher resolution displays. Please report any issues you find with the sizing of specific windows and dialogs. See also the notes on scaled FFVIEWER annotations.
OTFCONFIGRemoved a parameter entry if it has been accidentally entered as just the standard hint text sip:, omitting the remainder of the parameter. This mistake is hard to notice when the entered text matches the gray hint.
FFEXTERNFixed an issue which risked leaving a lock file to prevent a subsequent run if Windows was unable to close its handle on process termination.
FFEXTERNFixed two regressions which could prevent start-up in Service mode and prevent the latest settings changes in desktop mode from being used in Service mode.
COPIAFACTSFixed two regressions which could prevent start-up in Service mode and prevent the latest settings changes in desktop mode from being used in Service mode.
InstallersA pop-up warning message is now displayed when installation of CFMSG as a Windows Service is skipped in COPIASERVERINSTALL83xxxx because the machine is not the one on which the COPIA share resides.
CF8EMAILFixed a rare issue where a very long utf8-encoded non-ASCII e-mail address, presented as a garbage string in an ASCII FS file, resulted in an exception which left the failed FS in the TOSEND folder to fail again after each restart.
OMACHECKAdded a new feature to allow filtering of the Reboot, Run Command, and Notify actions based on the type(s) of event that caused a node to cease writing its OMA file.
STATUSAdded the ability to expand a pseudo-variable name FSNUM into a custom display column, using the column configuration dialog. This allows the FS number to be displayed in the main table, instead of appearing only in the status line at the foot of the display.
STATUSFixed the printing function to produce a properly-formatted landscape-mode printout.
STATUSAdded an extra 'hidden items' menu item to filter out all items older than a week ago.
STATUSAdded a selection on the 'configure columns' dialog to enable sorting on multiple column values. Additional columns can then be added as sort keys using shift-click on the column heading.
STATUSFixed an issue in a third-party component which affected selection of multiple grid rows using shift up/down keys.
EMDIRECTAfter recent server changes disabled the optional built-in mail-server account for notifications (selectable with a checkbox in EMSETUP), this account has been replaced with a different one.
STARTCOPIAFixed a regression where the saved delay time was being replaced by the default value of 30s at startup.
CVSINGLEAdded support for LibreOffice version 6.0.
CFCPFixed an issue which could result in an empty action list in some circumstances.
CF8JOBADMBuilt with the IANA 2018c Timezone database.
CF8EMAILEnhanced the TLS_OPTION variable to add specific ways of relaxing SSL/TLS certificate validation.
EMSETUPEnhanced the TLS option values to add specific ways of relaxing SSL/TLS certificate validation.

Version 2018.01.16

FFVIEWERFixed the interpretation of the Photometric Interpretation tag (106) values.  This also affected the TIFTAG utility.
COPIAFACTSFixed the expansion of the variable PR_MCFNUM.
CFHWLFixed a regression which prevented opening a Limited Period License with an end date other than the last day of a calendar month.

Version 2018.01.02

COPIAFACTSFixed a parsing error when a parameter other than the last in a $fn expansion for the Application Support DLL has an empty variable to be expanded at the end of a single-quoted string.
COPIAFACTSSuppressed a run-time error message when the fourth parameter on a $caller_id command was null, nul or none.
COPIAFACTSAdded a NO_VOIP_KEEPALIVE environment variable to suppress outbound keep-alive messages on Copia VoIP ports and to suppress the logging of incoming keep-alive SIP messages.
COPIAFACTSImproved the handling on Copia VoIP ports of a call which is simultaneously hung up by CopiaFacts and by the remote party.
OMACHECKFixed an error pop-up which could occur if you attempted to start an elevated OMACHECK instance while a non-elevated instance was running on the same machine.