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CopiaFacts Software Assurance

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CopiaFacts Software Assurance

This topic contains detailed information about the various elements of Copia’s Software Assurance plan. We recommend that all CopiaFacts users should consider adding this option to their software maintenance arrangements. It will give you the solid reassurance that whatever happens, you will be able to continue to rely on your CopiaFacts software to meet your business needs.

CopiaFacts Contingent Source License

The contingent source code license is a legal agreement which specifies the conditions under which it is triggered, the means of securing the source code files and delivering them to you, and the uses you may make of the source code. This license is required for all the options described in this topic.

The license has the following principal provisions:

the license is contingent on (is triggered by) specific events which result in Copia being unable to continue to support and develop the product.

it is a condition of the license that your CopiaFacts Maintenance and your CopiaFacts Software Assurance must be current at the time the license is triggered.

the license specifies the means by which the source code materials are secured and delivered to you (as described in more detail below).

the license gives the right to use the source code only to support the subscriber’s use of CopiaFacts licensed software, and to rebuild the software for the then licensed number of channels and features.

any transfer of the source code (whether or not modified) and CopiaFacts software to third parties is prohibited.

The source code materials will be updated at intervals not exceeding three months and subscribers will be notified of updates.

Source Code Materials

The source code materials will be secured by Copia with copies both in the USA and Europe. A reference list of current Software Assurance subscribers will be secured with the source code materials. For an additional fee, Copia will provide either:

a set of encrypted DVDs or an encrypted USB drive containing all the materials, delivered to the subscriber, with the password secured by an escrow service chosen by Copia. This escrow service will also hold the information about current subscribers.

or, all the materials deposited with a mutually acceptable escrow service, with all escrow fees payable by the subscriber.

Source Code Content

The source code materials include all current Copia source code, in C, C++ and Object Pascal. A programmer familiar with these languages would be able to find out how everything works and if necessary reproduce the functionality. Also included is the source code (XML) for the CopiaFacts documentation, and a list of all the tools and third-party software required to build each application in the CopiaFacts suite.

A few CopiaFacts elements which do not use third-party components could be modified and rebuilt with just the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and the Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE. However it is important to stress that it would be a significant and lengthy undertaking to acquire the necessary tools to build the full product from the source files, to install, configure and learn to use all the tools, and to use them to successfully build the product.

Copia does not have or maintain any detailed documentation about build procedures and required settings and options: instead the build procedures for each major release are held in the form of FinalBuilder projects (see below). The applicable projects are included with the Source Code Content, together with a summary description of how to set up Finalbuilder and how to install the tools and libraries.

Software Version ‘freeze’

Subscribers may optionally nominate a specific CopiaFacts version to be ‘frozen’, and the source code content of that version will then be extracted and retained, and made available under the provisions of the contingent source license.

Copia will also retain a backup of their development virtual machine (VM) which contains all necessary compilers, components and libraries to build the frozen product version. Copia will have used this VM to build the released version of CopiaFacts.

To initiate a ‘freeze’, you must notify Copia in advance of your intention to request the retention of a specific version, if necessary after a testing period. If this is not done, Copia will only be able to retain the nearest available already-saved development environment, which may be different from that requested.  For early versions of CopiaFacts, only a limited number of 'frozen' versions are retained, and full VM development environments are not held for versions earlier than 2005.

The toolset (compilers, components and libraries) installed in Copia’s VMware development environment is not available for re-licensing to CopiaFacts Software Assurance subscribers. In addition, some of the tools used for a ‘frozen’ build may no longer be available for sale. However the toolset will be available to Copia’s principals in the event that the contingent license is triggered.

A new ‘freeze’ can be requested at any time, though a charge is made for each one. As Copia releases new builds, the frozen development environment remains available so that minor fixes and enhancements can be made. This would avoid the need to QA and install a complete new CopiaFacts release. However Copia will make a charge for amendments and enhancements to a frozen build: and there may be some requested changes which Copia decides at its sole discretion are impractical to implement in a frozen build, and which will therefore require an upgrade. Frozen builds will not be retained for Software Assurance subscribers whose subscription has lapsed.

Software Assurance Subscriber-Licensed Development Environment

As a Software Assurance option, Copia will provide a fresh development environment in a new virtual machine when a build is first ‘frozen’. Either the subscriber may supply licensed copies of the necessary tools or Copia will obtain them at the subscriber’s expense and register the licenses to the subscriber.

The background to our use of Development VMs and the creation of customer-specific VMs is described in a separate document, "Customer-Licensed Copia Development Environments" (available on request).

Copia will install all the compilers, components, libraries and other tools in the virtual machine. We cannot verify that the product will be successfully built in the virtual machine, or assist with build problems, unless we have installed and configured the tools in the VM.

Currently, we use VMware virtual machines, but this may change in future. The virtual machines contain an operating system, and system and data virtual drives, currently about 20GB. The VM can be loaded and run on most versions of Windows and Linux. The entire build process with all parameters and settings is fully automated, so that all product components, help files and installers are built with a single click. The automated build uses the FinalBuilder tool and currently performs over 2000 separate build actions to create the complete product.

Copia will demonstrate that a working CopiaFacts suite of programs has been successfully built in the VM. The contingent source license will apply to the Copia source code in the VM. The deliverables, when the contingent license is triggered, will consist of the VM itself (containing customer-licensed tools and Copia contingent licensed source code) together with a copy of the current source code if this is not the version in the VM. The options for delivery either of encrypted VM media or for escrow service are as described above.

Copia can provide a document on request which shows the current cost of the development toolset. Some tools are only used in a small number of CopiaFacts components, so significant savings can be made if a subscriber does not need all components of the product.

Subscribers who exercise this option can request a new ‘freeze’ and update of the VM at any time, though a charge is made for each one. When a subsequent CopiaFacts build is ‘frozen’ into the subscriber’s virtual machine, new tools or new tool versions may be needed. Copia will advise subscribers at intervals of changes to the toolset in current use, and the cost, if any, of tool upgrades.

Software Assurance subscribers whose subscription lapses will receive the VM and the tools which have been licensed for their use, without the Copia proprietary source code.


There are three CopiaFacts Software Assurance subscription elements:

Source Code Content (under escrow)

Software Version Freeze

Subscriber-Licensed Development Environment (compilers and libraries)

For details of setup and subscription costs, and the Contingent Source License, please contact Copia Sales.