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CopiaFacts Reference

This program provides a graphical interface to simplify the use of the utility actions now amalgamated in to CFUTIL.  It allows you run an action without having to open a command session ('DOS box') to type the command and parameters.

In addition to the Usage: help which is displayed when you select an action in the list, pressing F1 will display the full help topic from this reference manual for the selected action.

All of the available utility actions are listed, even though some of them are less useful for interactive operation:

As you select each action, its help text is displayed.  The default 'current folder' in which commands are run is the FAXFACTS base folder.  For each of the fields at the top, you can choose whether its value is to be persisted to the next time you select the action:

DirectoryThe folder name in which the action is to be run.  This affects any relative paths you place in the parameters.  If the default folder is a network path on the current machine, its local name will be substituted.  If a 'persisted' folder has been deleted since your last use, the Run button will be disabled.
ParametersEnter the parameters only, not the name of the action.  Normal rules for double-quoting parameters containing blank space apply.  Do not enter redirection symbols in this field.
RedirectionYou may redirect standard output from the task action into a file which you specify here.  Double-click the > symbol in front of the file to toggle between overwrite (>) and append (>>).  The X icon can be used to clear this field.

The checkboxes and field values are only saved when you click the 'save' button.  There is no warning if you exit without saving.

Running the Action

When you run the action, its output, if any, is displayed in the main part of the window, and its errorlevel value is displayed in the box below the Run button.  Both the 'standard output' and 'error output' are displayed (stdout and stderr), but only the standard output is written to the redirection file, if specified.  Redirected input is not available, and control-C handling is not included.

CFUTILITY is provided for convenience for occasional tasks.  If you need to use the utilities regularly and in applications, use CFUTIL in a command file.

Some of the included applications write output to FFTRACE.  As with CFUTIL, you can use the names from the alphabetic list as File/Application entries in FFTRACE.