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CopiaFacts Reference

Collection of Command-Line Utilities

CFUTIL action parameters...

This program contains a collection of small command-line utilities which have accumulated over the lifetime of the CopiaFacts product.  The list consists of the following utilities which can be specified as the action parameter.  Asterisks in this list indicate actions which can produce useful trace output in FFTRACE, although other actions may also make some trace reports.


         CFRESTART*     FFSR*          NTREBOOT       SETFLAGS


         CVTIF          FFVOX2WAV      OTFSTART       SHOWCOMPORT

         DELAYNT        FFXTACT        PDFCAT*        TIFCAT*


         DELIF          GCSINGLE*      PIN*           VOXPAD

         EMTO*          JOBCALL*       RUNDATE        WHICHCMD

         FAXABLE        KILLFF         RUNVALUE       WINERR

         FAXPRINT*      NEXTFS*        SAFEMOVE       HELP

In earlier releases of CopiaFacts, most of these utilities were supplied as individual programs; a few were supplied on request for specific applications.  The command-line parameters for these utilities are unchanged apart from adding the CFUTIL before the action name.

If you have existing applications or batch files which called one of these utilities directly, you can either continue to use the old program, or you can copy CFUTIL.exe to the name of the old utility, and it will automatically behave as if it was the original utility.  Either of these approaches avoids the need to modify your existing application or batch file, but the second action will leave you with a copy that will never be updated automatically.
Do not use this 'copy and rename' solution unless you absolutely have no other alternative. Once you have done this, you should make a note to manually repeat the copy every time you upgrade and acquire a new original CFUTIL.exe file.

Action names can be entered in upper- or lower-case.

See also the CFUTILITY program, which provides a graphical interface to run each of the above commands and view its output.