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CopiaFacts Reference

FS Quota Manager

CFQUOTA [savedquota.csv]

This program assists with making TOSEND quota settings for multiple nodes on larger systems.  If you have only one or two CopiaFacts server nodes, it may be simpler to make the settings from the Queues page in COPIAFACTS.

For more information on TOSEND Quotas, see the description of Queue Quota Settngs.

In addition to interactive use, the program can also be run from a batch file to install a saved set of quota values into the .TSP files in the FAXFACTS folder for the nodes.  The COPIAFACTS engine checks for a new nodename.TSP file every minute, and will start to use them from after the TSP files have been saved.

The TOSEND folders can also be scanned and counted, for display on the second heading row.  The row shows a pair of counters for each TOSEND queue, the 'Ready' count in the column headed Quota and the 'Active' count in the column headed Skip. The remaining rows show the Quota and Skip values for each node.

Scanning for folder counts is not done automatically. Click the "Ready/Active" cell to scan all TOSEND folders, and click an individual cell on this row to count the values for a single TOSEND queue.

To conserve horizontal screen space, you can display only the Quota values, only the Skip values, or display both sets, using the checkboxes in the footer panel.

The TOSEND queue (with no TOSEND number) does not participate in the quota system because it is treated as the highest priority queue whenever it contains work; so it does not appear in the display.  The TSP files also contains the queue priority sequence for nodes for which quotas are not enabled; this information is preserved and saved by CFQUOTA but is not displayed.


After editing values, you can update the TSP file for an individual node by right-clicking the nodename and selecting Update. You can also update the TSP files for all nodes by using the button in the footer.

If you need to switch priority settings at different times, you can also save the TSP data as a complete set. The data is saved from the CFQUOTA grid in a CSV file.  CFQUOTA can also be run from a batch file or command prompt, with the saved file as a parameter, to install a saved set of quota and skip values into the TSP files for all nodes.  This is currently only possible if the node set in the CSV file matches the set in your current FAXCOUNT.HWL file.