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CopiaFacts Reference

Specify Default and Predefined sets of Image Options

$image_options optnum "option [option ...]"

This command is used to specify default and predefined sets of 'image option' keywords.  The options have global scope, but can be overridden by an IMAGE_OPTIONS variable definition.

The image options are used by the CopiaFacts built-in converters for PDF, HTML and image (GIF, JPG, PNG) document files.  They do not affect conversions done with the CopiaFacts Document Converter Print Drivers.

An Image Options Editor is available in FFVIEWER after loading a PDF file for viewing. This allows you to edit the option sets and re-load/re-convert the PDF to see the effect of different keywords and parameters. The $image_options configuration commands can then be updated from the editor.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

optnumA digit from 0 to 9.  The options specified on the '0' command affect all applicable conversions unless overridden.  An option set specified with '1' to '9' commands can be selected by means of the IMGn parameter on $convert_options, where n corresponds to the optnum parameter.  When selected, the option set completely replaces the default option set.
optionOne of the image options keywords. The options are separated by whitespace:

This command is accepted (and ignored) in CopiaFacts 8.2, from onwards.


$image_options 0 "FAXMH"  ; make built-in conversions work with TruFax boards

$image_options 1 "<low-res output> LOWRES HEIGHT2156"