Mouse Operations

You can scroll images which are larger than the visible window by manipulating the scroll bar thumbs and arrows in the usual way.

You can also move the image around by dragging it with the mouse.  It is only possible to move the image in a direction for which part of the image lies outside the visible window.  Vertical movement is also controlled by a mousewheel.

So that you can view full-size documents quickly, dragging operations with the right mouse button operate in a special accelerated mode: image movement is geared up so that a small movement of the mouse will move the image at increasing speed.  You can press the right button and apply light pressure to the mouse to make the image move continuously over the screen, or you can push the mouse slightly harder to move the image very quickly from one extreme position to the other.  The amount of movement of the mouse controls the speed at which the image moves, not the amount of movement itself. This enables you to use the mouse to flick quickly between top and bottom of a page.

You can also move the image more slowly, but more directly, by dragging it with the left mouse button; but note that Windows does not pass a message to FFVIEWER about release of the right mouse button outside the FFVIEWER window, so you must click again inside the window if you do this.

In versions earlier than, the left- and right-button drag operations were implemented the opposite way round, and fast scrolling was also suppressed if annotations were displayed in 100% size.

Thumbnail Operations

The thumbnail view on the left of the window displays images up to letter/A4 size with an outline of any annotations and cropping. The current page has a highlighted outline. The thumbnail view can be enabled and disabled using the settings dialog.

Clicking on a thumbnail image switches to the corresponding page. Right-clicking pops up a menu bar to select deletion of the page (if more than one page is present). or to change the position of the page in the document.

Mousewheel or scroll-button operations in the thumbnail section scroll the thumbnails.

Keyboard Operations

The keyboard can also be used to scroll images.  The following keys can be used:

HomeMove to the top left corner of the image.
EndMove to the bottom left corner of the image.
PgDnMove the image up in the window by an amount equal to the height of the window.
PgUpMove the image down in the window by an amount equal to the height of the window.
TabMove the image left in the window by an amount equal to the width of the window.
Backtab(Shift-Tab) Move the image right in the window by an amount equal to the width of the window.
ArrowsMove the image in the window by an amount equivalent to a single click on the scroll-bar arrows.

The image is constrained not to move outside the scrolling limits and if you press a key which would cause these to be exceeded, the key will be ignored.