Parameters needed in the VRECORD user profile

The provided VRECORD.USR has the following content:

; VRECORD.USR User Profile which controls calls to record voice files

; ===================================================================


; Specify the location of infobox files for this application:

$script_locn VR VRZ @FFBASE\SAMPLES\VRECORD ; VR*.IIF are in the VRECORD folder


; Specify the location where recorded files are to be placed:

$rcrd_dir   @FFBASE\SAMPLES\VRECORD\FILES  ; messages go in FILES subfolder


; Specify the file to maintain the recording file-number. This file must exist

; and contain a numeric value on a single line. The value is double-expanded.



; Specify recording format. You must check (in ref manual appendix K) that the

; format is supported by the board/port used for this application:

$var_def    RECFORMAT WAVPCM8  ; set format to be used as RECORDING_FORMAT


; Other necessary parameters:

$vmsg_dir   @FFBASE\stdvoice   ; define in case any error messages are needed

$set_state  GOOD_BYE s:HANG_UP ; suppress GOOD_BYE message

$retry_max  0                  ; no need to retry failures

The following content is required:

$script_locnThis command must locate infobox commands with names starting VR and should normally point to the supplied samples folder.  Note that if the application infoboxes are updated at a future date, new examples will be placed in the SCRIPTS folder so that any custom changes are not overwritten.
$rcrd_dirThis command will specify the place where recorded files are to be written.
RECNEXTFILEThis variable specifies the pathname of the file containing the next message-file number, which will be updated as each recording is made.  The text file specified in this variable is a required file.  It must be present to use this application.
RECFORMATThis variable specifies the format of the output WAV file.  It must be one of those described in Appendix K as supported by the board used to make the recording.