Place voice call to make recording


This utility creates an FS file configured to call your own telephone and allow you to record a CopiaFacts voice prompt.  After you have completed the recording, you can move the recorded WAV file to the appropriate folder for use as a new standard voice message or infobox description.

The USR and infobox files which implement this application are provided in the SAMPLES\VRECORD folder in the FAXFACTS folder, and are described in the Examples folder.

The FS file is created and written to the TOSEND folder, and will be sent by default by any line configured for outbound voice operations.  You can override this to use a specific channel by specifying a line group.

Some of the settings in the VRECORD.USR sample file are required.  Some validation is done by VRECORD to guard against a 'standard' User Profile file being selected.  You can invoke COPIAEDIT to edit the selected USR file if you wish.

Processing the recorded file

After recording a new prompt, you can refresh the list in VRECORD to see the recorded file.  The right-click menu then gives access to processing options:

The Copy, Move and Play options are only available when a single item is selected.  Deletion can be done for multiple items.

The Copy/Move Dialog allows a standard voice files folder to be selected, or any folder name to be entered.  It also allows selection of a standard voice prompt to overwrite, but you can also enter any WAV filename for when you are recording an infobox prompt.

Note that no backup is made of the file you select for overwriting.  We recommend that you make a backup of your voice files first.