View Transaction Log


The VL Program is used to view CopiaFacts daily call data log files with each record displayed in a window. It finds the log files in the FAXFACTS\LOG folder or by looking at the $log_def command if present in the configuration file.

VL is simple to use. You can navigate up and down the file using the slider in the bottom left corner of the window or by using the arrow keys, Home, and End. Keying 'r' or double-clicking the first Record field lets you enter a specific record number. If COPIAFACTS is running at the time, then using the End key or moving 'up' from the last record will display any new records which have been written since the start of the program.

If you use any of the DATA5 to DATA9 fields, you can enlarge the VL window to show them. The window size is remembered between runs of the program.

You will also find Microsoft Excel useful to view CopiaFacts DBF log files, especially using the Filter|Autofilter command to group records with similar codes or attributes.