To view a faxable TIF file, use the Copia fax viewer program FFVIEWER.  Normally the TIF file extension will have been associated with FFVIEWER so you can simply double-click a TIF file.  If you try to open another type of TIF file (for example a photograph), FFVIEWER will report that it is a non faxable file (and you will need to use Open With and a different application to view it).

The CopiaFacts viewer is extensively documented in the FFVIEWER topic, and in its subtopics as follows:


Selecting Files

Working with Images

Recipient Lists

Printing Fax Documents

Sending Faxes and E-Mail from FFVIEWER

Processing Incoming Faxes

Approving inbound and outbound faxes


Creating Graphical Customization Templates

Loading/Saving only Watermarks or Annotations

Using Signatures and Graphics

FFVIEWER Taskbar Buttons

Open File

Load Infobox Document

Select Mail

Save Wizard

Cropping Documents



Fax/E-Mail Send

Delete Document

Zoom Size

Black/White Mode

Flip Image

Rotate Image

Settings Menu

FFVIEWER Keyboard Shortcuts