Version 2015.12.16

CF8EMAILAdded new e-mail security options for via-ISP transmissions (configured in EMSETUP). This change was required to accommodate authentication changes at
EMDIRECTAdded new e-mail security options for notifications (configured in EMSETUP). This change was required to accommodate authentication changes at
CFGATEWAYEnabled the processing of MIME e-mail files from the 'extra' scan folders even if they have Unix line-endings (which makes them incompatible with RFC2822).
CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where some instances of an ACTION_CODES variable added at launch time had their value double-quoted twice over.
COPIAFACTSFixed a issue with ACTION_CODES that needed to be processed in the engine, which could cause intermittent exceptions.

Version 2015.12.08

FFEXTERNAdded a variable CVT_PRECHECKPDF which can be set to a non-empty value to check a PDF for invalid structure before passing it to Acrobat (which can block the conversion with a pop-up).
FFEXTERNFixed a regression which caused problems running in management mode to control a service application.
GWMANAGERFixed some confusing error messages on the Error Handlers configuration dialog.
CFGATEWAYAdded the ability to process an incoming e-mail which consists only of an attachment and lacks an 'attachment' ContentDisposition header.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new configuration-file $script_locn command to specify default script search locations.
COPIAFACTSRemoved the assignment of the value in the OTF_MODE variable to the DATA2 log field.
COPIAFACTSFixed a build error in which caused an incorrect report of a minor memory leak.
CFMSGSome enhancements and fixes have been made to the handling of services messages.  In addition the default IP port range used by the service applications has been revised.
OTFCONFIGFixed a problem where spurious text could appear at the end of a pop-up message about starting the BladeWare service.
CFCPAdded features to detect some additional error conditions.

Version 2015.11.18

STATUSFixed the time in the Last Date/Time column which showed as zero when there was no attempt-record in the FS file.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new $scripts configuration command and FFSCRIPTS variable to establish a default folder for script files.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new recommended synonym, $script_locn, for the $image_locn user profile command.
COPIAFACTSEnhanced the consolidation feature by automatically setting partial retry for consolidation transmissions.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem with the StringReplace application support function, where an empty replacement string caused a 'missing third parameter' error. In addition a new keyword of regex was added for this function, to support regular expression search and replacement strings.
EMSETUPRelaxed the validation of port and security parameters which was wrongly causing some combinations to be 'corrected' on restarting the program. You should run the program to check the saved settings after installing this build.
FFEXTERNFixed a regression which caused the document converter settings dialog to show default settings on the first time it was opened.

Version 2015.11.12

FFEXTERNFixed a problem with the document converter settings dialog introduced in  Certain combinations of settings could result in a mismatch between the 'convert types' set for FFEXTERN and those saved as $convert_types in FAXFACTS.CFG. If you have used this new dialog you should open it again and re-save your settings.  In addition this dialog is now only enabled when 'queue 0' settings are made (for document conversion).  This issue was incompletely fixed in
FFEXTERNFixed a problem where the absence of a nodename or OMA file name on the command line would cause a file named .OMA to be written in the LOG folder.
FFEXTERNAdded Adobe Reader DC to the versions reported in the converter options dialog.
COPIAINSTALLModified the Client and Services install buttons so that the pop-up hint is updated after the corresponding installer has been run.
GWMANAGERThe template editor has been enhanced to use a syntax-highlighting editor, which can also display command-help.
CVSINGLEResolved a regression (in build in HTML document conversion which affected right-to-left text rendering.
CVSINGLEFixed another issue (in addition to that fixed in which could cause incorrect selection of a dithering option.
COPIAFACTSFixed a long-standing problem where a $var_def_copy command without a second parameter was ignored if there was a 'semi-colon comment' on the command.
CF8SUPPORTCorrected the CreateThumbNail and CreatePDFThumbNails functions, which were failing handle some failure conditions correctly, causing no F failure code to be returned.

Version 2015.11.09

GWMANAGERFixed a problem configuring error handling on a fresh install, which could sometimes incorrectly report that no user profile had been entered when it had in fact incorrectly deleted the entry.
(Client Installer)Changed from 'error' to 'warning' the message advising that a normal Client installation on a Server OS will not allow support for Terminal Services clients.
(Server Installer)Changed the installer to add a COPIATECH icon, which was missing from the Copia desktop shortcuts folder.
FFCLIENTAdded the cover sheet file name to the error message on 'no files to send' if the cause was a missing cover sheet.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue causing too many retries in the interface for external Voice Services Providers.
JOBADMINCorrected an issue which prevented setting 'no effect on priority' in System, Owner and Jobtype property dialogs, after a specific priority value had been applied. This also affected the ability to delete a 'retry TOSEND' priority in job instance properties.  You can now remove the priority setting, as intended, by clicking the down-arrow in any property field when the lowest available TOSEND number is displayed.
REMOVEDSAdded support for Microsoft Office 2016.  At the same time support for Office 2003 has been dropped.
CFGATEWAYEnhanced the handling of Maintenance Mode so that it is also entered when a failure to write an FS file occurs.  A test-write to the ACTIVE folder is then attempted at intervals and success will cause maintenance mode to be ended.
COPIAFACTSChanged the default CHAIN_END value to be state s128 (KILL_MAINT_OP) when the infobox sequence originates in a $worker_box FS file.

Version 2015.10.28

FFEXTERNAdded .XLSM files as a new supported file type for document conversion. There is also a new keyword xlsm on the $convert_types configuration command.  We recommend enabling this document type only when you trust the safety of the macros which may be present in the document.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem in handling FS file syntax errors: for some errors the added $fax_status2 command showing the error code lacked a leading $, thereby increasing by one the number of syntax errors present in the saved file.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which caused the reporting of the last OMA file time to be omitted from the engine start-up trace file.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where EMDIRECT notification messages sent from this program did not support Unicode.
COPIAINSTALLNow sorts the downloadable installers list in descending order or version number within each type of installer.
COPIACLIENTINSTALLAdds an automatic mode for 'push' installs of the CopiaFacts Client software.
CFCPAdded a check to prevent the installation of CFESERVICE or CFXSERVICE before configuration is complete.

Version 2015.10.19

CF8EMAILFixed a problem which could cause corruption of e-mail attachments when $email_options keyword ExpandAttachVars was used.
CF8EMAILThe $email_options keyword htmlchs is now the default setting.  This option modifies the embedded meta tag charset value to match the encoding of a quoted-printable HTML e-mail body or attachment, if this is needed when the encoding of a supplied HTML file does not match the specified $email_charset for the transmission.  The keyword will be removed in a future build but is currently still accepted and ignored.

Version 2015.10.16

CVSINGLEAdded support for Microsoft Office 2016.  At the same time support for Office 2003 has been dropped.
JOBADMIN, FFBCThe minimum Excel version for use with the USE_EXCEL option has been changed to Excel 2007.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where some action codes set from $action_phone or $action_email in job launch operations were not passed through at run time.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem with initializing XCAPI voice-only channels which also affected inbound call detection.
CFCPChanged the start-up operation to re-open the node being monitored the last time the program was run. Also fixed some anomalies when starting the applications in maintenance mode.

Version 2015.10.09

CVSINGLEFixed a problem where the default dither option might not be selected with the internal PDF converter.
JOBCLAdded some missing and modified error messages for launch operations.
CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where TIF files that are non-faxable but which can be fixed on-the-fly, caused a launch to fail when the SingleDoc job option was used, or when specified for pre-conversion to low resolution before launch.
CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where the launcher still used the original maximum variable group number 15 (later increased to 30).
FFEXTERNAdded a new 'scan optimize' feature which skips a folder scan for files if no files have been added to or deleted from the folder since the start of the last scan.  You should check the operation of this option when first enabling it, because it can theoretically be affected by the type and configuration of the Windows file system.
COPIAFACTSFixed a corruption of the list of 'display-box' values shown in the trace at shutdown, when $display_box commands are used. Some details of the documentation of this command were also fixed.
COPIAFACTSAdded a DATE_J variable containing the current date as the 4-digit year followed by the 3-digit day number within the year.
COPIAFACTSModified the fax modem interface to take the channel out of service when a 'stuck' modem is detected that is in a state where it cannot accept commands or be reset.
COPIAINSTALLOn pressing the top large button, this first checks your Browser Version and offers to enable Javascript for Internet Explorer, if necessary.  Javascript must be enabled in the IE Internet Zone (or in a non-IE browser) to view CopiaFacts Web Help, and in the IE Local Machine Zone, or in Trusted Sites Zone, to view e-book context-sensitive help from CopiaFactsRef82.exe.
Print DriversChanged the installers to use the Windows temp folder to avoid some reported installation glitches.

Version 2015.09.28

CF8GCOVERFixed memory leak affecting a few specific operations, such as applying a custom fax header instead of using a header applied by the board/port drivers.
COPIAINSTALLThe dialog for 'link to a COPIA share on another machine' now allows a specific machine name and its COPIA share to be entered in the selection box to avoid the need to enumerate all network machines on a large network.  It also checks the version of COPIACONNECT.exe and CF8REG.dll to ensure that they are 8.2 builds.
CFHWLClarified the addition of a new line range by changing the 'select' button to read 'next' when an unused line has been selected.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which could sometimes cause an exception on starting or terminating, when a nodename is used on the command line.
FFCLTADM,FFCLIENTFixed a problem which caused some 'e-mail' checkboxes and options to be disabled.

Version 2015.09.21

CVSINGLEFixed a problem where the B4A4 keyword was not being used to scale down the document in the internal PDF converter.  At the same time support for A3 documents was added, together with an A3A4 keyword to scale down A3 to A4.
TRCVIEWEnhanced right-click processing by allowing multiple lines to be copied out of the trace.
FFEXTERNFixed a problem in build which could cause an exception on startup.

Version 2015.09.17

CFHKSERVICEFixed a problem where the service could look for a 'local tasks' database when installed on the fileserver, instead of the CFHK.DB in the FAXFACTS folder.  This would result in no scheduled tasks being performed.
FFVIEWERFixed a problem where deleting mail items repeatedly from the foot of the mail items dialog required an extra mouse click each time to re-select the next item.
CVSINGLEIntroduced an enhanced version of the built-in internal PDF converter.  The new rendering engine is now the default, but you can use QPDF_OPTIONS keyword NoDPLR to force the use of the original one.
CVSINGLEIntroduced significant improvements to the internal PDF converter dithering quality for color and greyscale PDF images.  This is now the default, though the original dithering, which prioritises smaller file size over quality, is available as an option.  If you wish to retain the original lower-quality dithering the option numbers have changed.
CVSINGLEThe version number is now shown correctly as a comment in TIF files created by the internal PDF converter.
CFGATEWAYAdded details of the version number to the trace file.
CFGATEWAYThe 'new' SMTP Gateway is now the default.  The installer will offer to replace the original CopiaSMTPGateway.exe and will then rename this and the original GatewayManager.exe to prevent accidental startup of both services.  The original Gateway programs are no longer included in the installer.
OTFCONFIGThis program no longer offers to change the start-up type of the BladeWare service to 'manual'.
OTFSTARTThis program no longer changes the start-up type of the BladeWare service to 'manual'.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem on fax modem transmission where a timeout during a call could occasionally cause subsequent calls on the channel to fail.
COPIAFACTSFixed the reporting of the Quit Conditional and Quit Immediate timed shutdown options, which could appear in the trace as resulting from a license failure.
COPIAFACTSThe existing 'admin mode', for changing settings without the ability to start COPIAFACTS has become 'management mode' to avoid confusion with running as administrator, and the -a command-line parameter is now -m.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem with the $line_vargroup command.
FFEXTERNSuppressed the warning messages about registry entries on first install.
FFEXTERNThe existing 'admin mode', for changing settings without the ability to start FFEXTERN has become 'management mode' to avoid confusion with running as administrator, and the /A command-line parameter is now /M.
TRCVIEWAdded a bookmarks feature, providing nine bookmarks which can be dropped while analyzing a trace file to make it easier to jump between different locations in the file.
FFTRACEFixed a problem where some applications could cease sending messages to FFTRACE after a number of messages had been sent.
FFTRACEFFTRACE no longer needs to be run elevated to change trace settings for most services and print drivers.
COPIAINSTALLThe install manager now ensures that the latest COPIACONNECT.EXE is placed in the root of the COPIA share.
(multiple)The content of the Event Source field in the CopiaFacts event log has been made more consistent, and some cases where the log showed only the message insertion strings have been fixed.

Version 2015.08.17

COPIAEDITCorrected the name in this manual of the variable CP_COPIAEDIT, used to specify encoding-detection parameters.
COPIAFACTSREF82Worked around a problem in generating the eBook version of the CopiaFacts Reference Manual.  Recent versions were always opening at the first page when context-sensitive help was selected in an application.
STARTCOPIAModified the CopiaFacts server installer to allow pre-selection of CFGMSERVER as an application to be started.  And corrected the spelling of this program.
CFGATEWAYFixed a memory leak.
COPIAFACTSBuilt the SIP interface with libraries for BladeWare 2.4.14.

Version 2015.08.10

CF8HTMLThis DLL is no longer used.  HTML document conversion is now integrated into CVSINGLE.
(multiple)Modified application manifests to report correctly when running under Windows 10.  Windows 10 is not yet 'supported' by CopiaFacts applications.
COPIAFACTSWorked around a problem where starting multiple instances with different node names failed during initialization of GDIplus, at a Windows 2003 site.
COPIAFACTSAdded the ability to monitor memory utilization, described in the FFTRACE topic.
COPIAFACTSAdded a STEPDOWN_BAUD variable to reduce different values of maximum baud rate for different line groups by the same number of 2400-baud steps.
STATUSChanged the Date column to show both the date and time. You may need to widen the column if you do not see the full new heading "Last Date/Time".  We suggest that you sort this column (by clicking in the heading) so that the most recent items appear first.  The 'retain sort order' option on the columns menu (which sometimes failed) has been fixed and made the default setting.
CF8GCOVERFixed a memory leak which could occur when graphical cover operations or conversions to PDF were performed via the application support DLL. If you use the ConvertFile support function you should upgrade to this release.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where an exception a board/port driver could sometimes cause a further exception in CopiaFacts' own exception handler, preventing recording of the original exception.
OTFCONFIGAdded a FAXFACTS.CFG variable definition for OTF_USE_SIPTO when the BladeWare wizard options are applied.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression in build 67 which could prevent BladeWare initialization on operating systems later than XP/2003.

Version 2015.07.27

CF8GCOVERFixed a regression in build which caused a failure to read TIF files of B4 size and wider.
CFGATEWAYFixed a problem which caused an incorrect received time zone calculation on some messages, and one which caused failure to process the template returned by the custom template DLL.  Some issues with OMA files were also fixed.

Version 2015.07.16

CF8JOBADMFixed a problem which prevented a launch if an $action_, $dns_, or $whitelist_ command contained a semi-colon delimited comment.
CF8EMAILAdded a new $email_options keyword of RFC2231 which causes RFC2231-style encoding to be used for filename= parameters in attachment headers. This has been found to be necessary to for Yahoo mail to display file names correctly when they contain Asian characters.
COPIAFACTSFixed the handling of outcome code 187 (timeout on legacy do-not-send look-up) which was not being reported correctly, nor being retried if so specified.  To simplify the handling of this outcome code, the code has been changed to 186 for e-mail do-not-send items, instead of both using the same code.  Users of a custom SMR file should modify the entries for these codes to match CF8.SMR.
CF8TZDBBuilt with the IANA 2015e Timezone database.
CFGATEWAYFixed a problem where a malformed e-mail with no terminating multipart boundary resulted in the last attachment being truncated.

Version 2015.07.06

CF8JOBADMAdded a new UJP variable JOB_CREATE_DISABLED.  This can be set in SYSTEM, OWNER or JOBTYPE properties (UJP) and causes any attempt to create a new job to fail (with error -61), if created using the file in which the variable appears.  Defining the variable in SYSTEM.UJP of course prevents any new job being created.  The variable has no effect in an instance UJP.
CVSINGLEAdded support for Adobe Reader DC.  Note that it is essential to disable all pop-ups and warnings using the preferences menu.
Print DriversFixed a problem which suppressed trace output unless trace file encoding was set to UFT8.
Trace FilesAll CopiaFacts trace files (.TRx, .FTx, .GWx) are now written with UTF8 encoding, and the default keyword value for '$unicode tracefile' is now UTF8.  Any user-written applications which read CopiaFacts trace files should now be aware that there will be a UTF8 BOM at the start of the file, but the BOM can be suppressed by setting a $unicode tracefile keyword of 'default'.
FFTRACENow writes UTF8-encoded trace files from all CopiaFacts applications (this includes version 7 applications which write to a current FFTRACE instance).
TRCVIEWNow assumes that all trace files with no BOM are encoded UTF8.  This was already the case with .TRx trace files, even when UFT8 was not specified as the $unicode tracefile encoding.
TRCVIEWModified to read appname.FTx direct-written trace files from driver and service applications.
COPIAFACTSAdded support for Diva SDK 5.5.5 and Diva Drivers 8.5 SU14.  This includes the Diva Custom Fax Headers (Unicode) feature.
CF8GCOVERAdded a GCS_NOA4STRIP variable to suppress the stripping of 6mm of white space in left and/or right margins on conversion of 1728-pixel TIF files to A4 PDF.

Version 2015.06.25

FFEXTERNFixed two problems, first where changing the TIF options in the document converter options setup screen was not reflected immediately in the commands to be set; and where the replaced $convert_types command might remain in the file.  In addition the default for the 'enabled' checkboxes on setting up a new process was changed to be 'checked'.
COPIAINSTALLFixed a problem where the initial FAXFACTS.CFG could be deleted during a first install, causing SERCONF to fail.
CF8FAXMODEMBuilt with a later version of the fax-modem library, containing some minor enhancements and tweaks.
CF8EMAILFixed a problem where an e-mail transmission could still be attempted without an attachment on some attachment read errors.

Version 2015.06.09

SERCONFNow sets full access permissions for 'everyone' on the CopiaFacts temporary folder (default C:\FAXTEMP).
COPIAFACTSAdded support for Diva boards on the $block_spans and $unblock_spans commands.
COPIAINSTALLAdded a command-line parameter to select 'island' (cloud-based) installs.
COPIAFACTSAdded the ability to use action codes in the 300 range at transmit time as well as at launch time.  The FS file, when matched in an action look-up, is moved to the specified folder if not already there, instead of being processed immediately.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where some $action_email configuration commands were incorrectly rejected.
InstallersChanged the installer for BladeWare SIP to run an installation-check batch file on first install, instead of OFTCONFIG, which must be run manually afterwards.
CFHWLThe legacy boards not supported in 8.2 are now marked as such on the hardware selection page.
COPIAFACTSImproved the detection of unsupported boards on start-up.
EMDIRECTFixed a problem which could cause an unhelpful error pop-up instead of the intended message when important settings (such as Hostname) were missing.
COPIACLIENTINSTALLModified the search facility for COPIA shares so that it displays the network resources it is scanning and can also be interrupted if it takes too long to complete.

Version 2015.05.19

CF8EMAILFixed a problem where an $email_attach command without a content-type parameter (not recommended) was causing the attachment to be specified as 'text/plain' instead of 'application/octet-stream' as documented.
CF8GCOVEREnhanced the processing of landscape-mode faxes, which can now be rotated on-the-fly provided that the image height is from 1700 to 1728 pixels and the file is otherwise in faxable format.
CF8JOBADMChanged the priority for job history message 1 (job instance creation) when written to the $joblog_qname MSMQ queue, so that the priority is higher than other messages.  This ensures that the job creation is available first.
CF8PRINTResolved a problem which could cause inch-wide border lines to appear when printing some PDF files generated by other CopiaFacts applications. The problem did not affect viewing or printing of the files by Adobe Reader and similar utilities.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new parameter OC for the $var_def_copy command to copy only 'outcome' variables.
COPIAFACTSEnhanced fax preparation for TruFax boards by adding automatic conversion on-the-fly for faxable files with MMR encoding when preparing for transmission on a Trufax board which does not support MMR.  We also now detect and rotate landscape-mode faxable files provided that the image height is from 1700 to 1728 pixels.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where some assignments to DATAx variables in $type decision infoboxes were not recorded in the DBF log.
CVSINGLEReplaced the internal HTML converter with a new implementation which does not have the limitations of the original.  The new converter creates PDF and faxable TIF files without using the CopiaFacts converter print driver.
FFEXTERNModified the setup dialog for Document Converter to use a new dialog which integrates all the common commands and options, both in FFEXTERN and in FAXFACTS.CFG.
FFVIEWERModified the handling of landscape-mode faxes so that faxable files between 1700 and 1728 pixels high are rotated automatically, and converted to width 1728 if saved.  Previously the image height was required to be 1728 pixels.
OMACHECKFixed a problem where an OMA file could not be selected on XP/2003.

Version 2015.04.27

CF8EMAILFixed a problem where a single Japanese character surrounded by white space in an e-mail header line was sometimes omitted from iso-2022-jp encoding of the header.
CF8REGAdded support for cloud installs where limits on local folder sharing arr imposed.
CF8SUPPORTModified the CreatePDFthumbnails function to add an option to select the first TIF page only.  The return value of the function was also sometimes returning failure when the PDF file had been successfully created; this has been fixed.
CFGATEWAYModified the saving of HTML body files when $unicode CFEemailHTMLbody specifies UTF8, so that an embedded meta charset value showing the original encoding is automatically changed to utf-8.
COPIAEDITFixed some issues with the edit/replace dialog.
COPIAFACTSChanged the processing of DTMF digits for 'software DID' operations to provide an option to accept # as a data character.  This option is selected in CFHWL in the DID type right-click menu.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which could cause an exception when recording of a linked pair of calls was specified on Diva hardware.
COPIAFACTSFixed a long-standing bug where the OB_CONNSECONDS value would be returned as zero on some outbound Diva voice calls.
COPIAFACTS.INIThe few remaining applications which saved local settings and window positions in this file have now been changed to use the HKCU registry instead.  If the corresponding registry key is not yet present, the settings are taken from the INI file, but are no longer saved there.
COPIAINSTALLIn a case where the COPIA share had been manually moved to a new location or otherwise broken, and then re-established, the unnecessary dialog requesting a FAXCOUNT.HWL file is now suppressed if one is already present.
COPIAINSTALLAdded support for cloud installs where limits on local folder sharing are imposed.
CVSINGLEAdded an experimental converter for single-page HTML documents, which does not require the Copia Document Converter print driver.
FFASSOCFixed a long-standing problem where running CopiaFacts Installers could result in the 'old file association' not being preserved.
FFEXTERNRemoved reporting of empty scanned folders in the trace file for the FXXSMSCAN special process.
FFEXTERNAdded a hint to show the name of the configured printer when the cursor is over an FXPRINT icon in the left-hand pane.
FFEXTERNModified the folder and file open dialogs to use the latest standard Windows dialogs when available.
GATEWAYMANAGERFixed a regression in build 57 which prevented the Gateway Manager from installing the Gateway on Windows XP and Server 2003.
JOBADMINFixed some missing e-mail options on the E-Mail tab.
JOBADMINFixed a regression in build 57 which prevented the JOBADMIN from invoking Job Admin programs on Windows XP and Server 2003.
JOBCONSFixed a problem loading JOBXLDATA to extract to XLSX files.
JOBCONSFixed a regression in build 57 which prevented the JOBCONS from invoking Job Admin programs on Windows XP and Server 2003.
OTFCONFIGRemoved the warning about an unsaved file if 'no registration' was specified.
OTFCONFIGWill now add a variable to FAXFACTS.CFG specifying the default receive timeout (if not already present).

Version 2015.03.30

CF8EMAILSimplified the handling of non-standard Japanese conversions, from Unicode to iso-2022-jp and shift-jis, so that there is no longer a special conversion method for the iso-2022-jp code page. The documentation for the FIX_UNICODE variable value has been corrected to reflect this, and this variable now has a default value.  It is also now used in e-mail header encoding in addition to e-mail body encoding.
COPIAFACTSAdded support for Diva 8.5.13.
COPIAFACTSAdded automatic correction on-the-fly of fax pages with resolution 200x100 when these are to be transmitted using BladeWare.
COPIAINSTALLFixed a couple of rarely-seen messages that mentioned CDAUTO instead of COPIAINSTALL.
EMSETUPFixed a problem where an override port number was not restored from a saved INI file.
JOBCLAdded some missing error message texts to replace 'unknown error' messages.
OTFCONFIGChanged the hint text for the 'CCR Count' value to reflect a change in the formula for calculating the number of ports needed.  The number needed is now the CCR count plus 50, times 6.

Version 2015.03.16

CFHWLFixed an issue where deletion of a board or other node operations could sometimes fail to delete lines that used that board.
COPIAFACTSFixed two problems with the inbound-call counters displayed in the trace at the end of each session: the hour figures were out by one hour, shown one column to the left of the correct time, and the initial counter showed a random value when the engine had been restarted.
CVSINGLECorrected a regression in build 54 which could often return a timeout even if an Office application was successfully closed after a conversion.
JOBADMINAdded a UJP variable NO_LIST_LIMIT which can be set to any non-empty value to remove the maximum of 1000 rows which can be displayed on the Lists tab.
JOBADMINAdded a UJP variable AUTO_LIST_HEADER to specify text in the first line of a list which will cause it to be classified as a header line.

Version 2015.03.05

CF8PRINTFixed a long-standing bug which could misprint error messages when the option to 'report errors on the printer' was enabled in FFEXTERN.  Occasional messages were printed black on black.
CFHKSERVICEFixed a problem where the service could sometimes try to start too early in the Windows start-up sequence.
COPIAFACTSAllowed users to suppress of the initial Greeting voice message by deleting standard voice prompt 1, instead of having to replace it with EMPTY.WAV.  This makes it consistent with other greeting messages for built-in IVR applications.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where newer Office documents (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) were not automatically pushed to PREPROC for conversion when specified on a $fax_filename command.  This problem did not affect FS files launched from FFBC or Job Administration, where the launcher would put the files into PREPROC directly.
CVSINGLETreated as a conversion error (outcome code 696) the failure to kill the application executable used for conversion, after the conversion is complete.
CVSINGLEAdded the ability to convert full-page PNG, GIF and JPG images via the internal PDF converter, to produce higher-quality and much smaller output files.
FFBC, JOBADMINChanged the date format for broadcast schedules so that it uses only the Windows Long Date Format.  Previously it also added the Windows Day Name, resulting in duplication on systems where the day name was already included in the long date.
FFEXTERNTreated the new outcome code 696 (see above) as an error counting towards the FFEXTERN_TIMEOUTS limit.
OMACHECKFixed a bug where the decision on whether or not to start minimized and active did not check all of the checkboxes so could assume that there were none checked.
TRCVIEWFixed a problem where the Lines menu item could remain disabled on loading a new trace file if F9 had been active in the old file to filter a specific line.

Version 2015.02.24

COPIAFACTSFixed a regression in build 52 which could cause an exception on processing DTMF in Diva and TE Systems interfaces.
FFEXTERNExtended the adjustment to the set conversion timeoutN interval to allow for CVSINGLE to load, from 5 seconds to 10.
JOBADMINFixed a problem where the 'Force fail' menu item Status List context menu did not force failure.

Version 2015.02.18

COPIAFACTSChanged the coloring of RESULT lines on the scrollback tab to match those of TRCVIEW described below.
COPIAFACTSChanged the default to 60s for a missing register interval on a $sip_register command.
COPIAINSTALLChanged the download processing to avoid 'stream write' errors on some machines.
OTFCONFIGChanged the command-line option W to WB to select the babyTel configuration Wizard, and added WF to select a new Flowroute configuration wizard.
OTFCONFIGAdded a checkbox to make BladeWare profile changes for Flowroute.  This is set automatically by the Flowroute wizard.
OTFCONFIGFixed an issue where the registration interval could be omitted on a $sip_register command.
SERCONFAdded a checkbox to select STARTCOPIA to be run on exit.
TRCVIEWChanged the coloring of RESULT trace lines so that errors which are to be retried are no longer shown in green, but instead in gray.  Also added keyboard shortcuts to switch between 'last session' and 'all session' views: the former remains the default.
DocumentationInitial documentation has been added for a new version of the Copia SMTP Gateway.

Version 2015.02.10

CF8EMAILAdded a new $email_options keyword of failNoMX which suppresses the use of the domain name when no MX records are found.
CF8EMAILFixed an issue with looking up A records in the DNS records for a domain.
CF8EMAILChanged the processing of attachment MIME headers to fix an issue where some mail clients incorrectly displayed attachment file names containing non-ASCII characters and encoded base64 or quoted-printable.
COPIAINSTALLNo longer displays older 8.1 installers in the local NETBIN folder.
COPIAINSTALLFixed a regression in which caused the program to fail to start (with a Windows 'side-by-side' error) on some operating systems.  The problem also affected COPIACLIENTINSTALL.
FFEXTERNFixed a problem where the TOSEND folder selected on a process setup screen was truncated and saved as for example TOSEND1 instead of TOSEND11.
InstallersModified the Client installer to prevent erroneous detection of a Terminal Services environment on a Windows client machine when run from a remote desktop session.  Also fixed other installer issues to improve the CopiaFacts Client installation experience.
JOBADMINFixed a problem which limited the retry-partial maximum value to 100 when the job was opened in JOBADMIN.

Version 2015.01.30

DocumentationChanged the references and links to to refer instead to the Copia CloudFront CDN site.
CF8EMAILFixed a problem where a comma in the comment part of an email address was treated as an invalid character.
CF8EMAILAdded a new $email_options keyword of 'sanitize', which corrects certain types of malformed address syntax.
CF8JOBADMFixed two Job Administration regressions in build which caused previews and launches to fail.
COPIAFACTSExtended to 30s the timeout period before a BladeWare registration timeout is reported.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where some BladeWare and Faxmodem retries might be done as full retries instead of partial retries.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where some 'board-line' codes mixed up BladeWare SIP and Sangoma board codes in the $attempt_record.
COPIAFACTSCorrected an error in the fix for BladeWare incoming calls, which could cause outbound calls to fail after an extended period of operation.
COPIAINSTALLModified the download operation to get files from, instead of
FFVIEWERIncreased the MBX column content size in the mail load dialog so that 11-digit MBX numbers are not truncated.
FTPUPLOADAdded a command-line parameter to hide the window.
OMACHECKFixed a problem which caused the 'start monitoring' button to sometimes not be enabled, and added an open dialog for OMA files.
InstallersFixed a glitch in the Installer for Diva 64-bit drivers which reported a error and failed to run the Diva setup.

Version 2015.01.01

CF8EMAILFixed a failure to set the EMAIL_ERROR variable on some error conditions.
CF8JOBADMAdded the ability to control the use of UJP locking when using the Job Administration DLL
COPIAFACTSAdded support for reporting the media mode used on a TE Systems port, in variable XCAPI_MEDIA_MODE.
COPIAFACTSAdded an environment variable XCAPI_SDK_LOG to enable and set the path for a TE Systems SDK log file.
COPIAFACTSAdded a variable TOLL_FREE to show whether the destination number has been detected as toll-free.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which prevented $pdf_secure and $pdf_sign_keyfile from being used in a $type FSFILE infobox.
COPIAFACTSCleared the OTF_MODE variable if set on a previous attempt and the current fax attempt failed to start.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where some of the newer Document Converter error outcomes (added in were not automatically retried.
COPIAFACTSChanged the processing of Document Converter failure retries in a Job Administration context, so that the FS file is not retried in the TOSEND folder in the absence of an explicit retry-tosend specification.  Instead it is retried in the default folder specified by $priority.
DNSUPDFixed a problem where the user entry screen was displayed after processing a command-line operation involving a list.
EMDIRECTFixed a problem where the Windows event-log messages added to e-mails triggered by OMACHECK were garbled.
OMACHECKRevised the user interface to implement additional options. Please check the documentation.

Version 2014.12.04

CF8JOBADMFixed an issue which could very occasionally cause a job status file (JST) to remain locked after access.
CF8JOBADMFixed the suspend and resume operations (job actions 15 and 5) so that a non-zero value is returned if the setting of the job status fails.
COPIAFACTSChanged the handling of a failed answer operation on an incoming BladeWare call to ensure that the call is completely cleared.
DNSUPDEnhanced the handling of a custom NDX file named on the command line so that it is retained in the entry fields while multiple numbers can be entered in turn.
JOBCONSFixed a problem where manually set checkboxes were cleared if the mouse cursor entered the calendar area.  They should only be cleared if a calendar selection is made.

Version 2014.11.18

CF8EMAILFixed the handling of long header lines such as Subject: to eliminate extra white space when a line has to be folded.
CF8EMAILThe temporary changes in to address the POODLE exploit have been removed.  Instead the SSL/TLS authentication only attempts to use SSL when TLS fails, and then only in a fallback mode which is designed to prevent interception by the POODLE exploit.
CF8EMAILFixed a problem with quoted-printable encoding of a header line containing an '=' sign.
CF8EMAILChanged the processing of $email_body so that a completely empty file is accepted as was the case in earlier releases.
CF8EMAILFixed an issue which could very occasionally cause the ForceISP option to be ignored.
CF8TZDBBuilt with the IANA 2014j Timezone database.
CF8SUPPORTThe CopyFile and some other functions were returning an empty value (indicating 'bad parameter') if the file was missing.  This has been fixed so that a failure result is returned.
COPIAFACTSWhen you press 'D' to display loaded DLLs, the text is now automatically copied to the Windows clipboard.
FRCLIENTDoubled the @ sign when creating the $set_var command for USERINFO_EMAIL.
DocumentationImplemented a timed cache so that you should now always receive the latest version of a topic when you access the on-line help files. Please clear your browser cache before using this new on-line help.
InstallersAdded a warning recommendation to run the installers only from the install manager (COPIAINSTALL or COPIACLIENTINSTALL).

Version 2014.10.27

CF8EMAILFixed a problem which occasionally caused an attempt to fail when an MX record other than the first was used.
CF8EMAILTo counter the POODLE exploit in SSL3, the default SSL/TLS support in e-mail sent via an ISP now defaults to allow connection only to servers which support TLS 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2.
CF8EMAILModified again the encoding of an e-mail address alias part, so that when an unquoted e-mail address is used as the alias in addition to the same e-mail address inside angle-brackets, the alias is then quoted-printable encoded. This is necessary because an @-sign is not an allowable character in an e-mail alias part that is not double-quoted.
CF8SUPPORTFixed the absence of a result value from the ConvertFile function.
COPIAFACTSAdded the CSIDFWD example application to report received faxes to the sender.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression in build 41 which caused errors in FS files to be incompletely processed.
EMDIRECTNo longer defaults to allow SSL when SSL/TLS is specified (see CF8EMAIL above).
EMSETUPModified the program manifest to reduce the chance of warnings from Windows Program Compatibility Assistant on termination of EMSETUP.
JOBXLDATAEnhanced this data extraction by adding the ability to create a PDF report directly from the extracted data.
DocumentationRemoved an incorrectly-named, unwanted button in the header area.

Version 2014.10.14

CF8EMAILFixed a problem which caused an occasional exception when loading a file to be attached or used as an e-mail body.
COPIAEDITFixed issues where the right-click menu failed to show, and where the undo was limited to a single level.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which caused an XCAPI outbound fax to fail when a minimum baud was specified.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new feature to call the Job Admin DLL directly from an infobox. For details, see the topic Job Admin DLL Infobox Interface.
COPIAFACTSAdded * to the list of valid characters allowed in a BladeWare dial string.
COPIAFACTSFixed the flushing of the engine trace file to disk, which was not always occurring when the COPIAFACTS globe icon was clicked, nor when the app gained or lost focus.
COPIAFACTSFixed a configuration issue affecting Diva and XCAPI SIP ports configured for both inbound and outbound traffic.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which caused items e-mail and SMS items requiring pre-processing to be moved from an FS-file MSMQ to be processed in a TOSEND queue.
CopiaServerInstallFixed a problem where the Copia SMTP Gateway sometimes failed to install.
COPIAINSTALLModified the processing of FAXCOUNT.HWL to copy rather than move the selected file.
FFBCFixed a regression in build 40 causing the template contents not to be loaded.
FFVIEWERModified the control on editing annotation dimensions so that angled annotations can be edited even it their (non-angled) position extends beyond the image size.
JOBXLDATAAdded IGNORE_OUTCOMES="NZ" to ignore non-zero outcome codes and produce a report showing only successful items.
STARTCOPIAChanged the startup delay so that the program makes no network access until it expires.
DocumentationFixed links to 8.2 installers to point to the files82 FTP folder.

Version 2014.09.26

CopiaSMTPGatewayModified the low-level Winsock configuration to increase the capacity of the allowed backlog of incoming connections.  This helps to mitigate the effect of a denial of service attack.
CF8EMAILCorrected an error in MX look-up which caused look-up for some sites to return an access violation.
EMSETUPFixed a problem which could result in some deletions from the ISP list not being made.
JOBADMINFixed an issue where the selected TOSEND folder for 'retry failed' was off by one.

Version 2014.09.17

CF8EMAILChanged the IPv6 option so that an $email_settings command option is needed either to enable IPv6, either when also specified in $email_options, or by default when available.  This change also fixes a regression which caused MX look-up performance to gradually deteriorate in a session.
CF8EMAILFixed a bug which caused CP_EMAILBODY and CP_EMAILHTMLATTACH to fail to reject the operation when the file encoding could not be determined.
CF8EMAILFixed a memory leak.
COPIAFACTSFixed some issues in the preliminary call-link enhancements.
COPIAFACTSFixes a problem where the 'enabled' setting of the highest-numbered queue was not persisted to the next execution of the program.
EMSETUPFixed a problem which could cause a non-standard port number to be reset to 587 in the presence of an SSL/TLS option.
JOBADMINFixed a bug which caused the 'Resubmit In TOSEND' menu item to lose its submenu.
JOBADMINChanged the font in the FS file editor so that it uses the same font that has been selected for the UJP Editor tab.

Version 2014.09.09

CF8EMAILFixed a problem causing exceptions after the engine had been running for some time, which resulted in an increasing proportion of e-mails failing.
CF8EMAILModified the handling of a situation where all DNS servers failed to return any results, when preparation of the e-mail continued before it failed.
CF8EMAILFixed a issue with setting specific bindings where the socket options were not set correctly.
CF8EMAILRemoved the literal 'CopiaFacts' from the response to an EHLO command.
GatewayManagerFixed a failure to save some of the TOSEND folder settings.

Version 2014.08.31

CFHKMade several enhancements and fixes.
EMSETUPAdded options to allow SSL/TLS to be configured for GMail.
InstallersThe Copia shortcuts are now placed in a Desktop folder, not on the desktop itself.  One extra click to find them, but less desktop clutter.
CopiaAdminInstallAdded CFHK to this install for remote administration of the CFHKSERVICE running on the Copia File Server.  The sample database is only installed by CopiaServerInstall.

Version 2014.08.27

CF8EMAILFixed a problem with iso-2022-jp header encoding where some portions of headers were not being RFC2047 'quoted-printable' encoded although they were being rendered with the correct encoding.  Some mail clients failed to handle this, though many are able to accommodate the error.
CF8EMAILFixed some issues with SSL/TLS certificate validation and improved error messages.
COPIAFACTSPreliminary implementation of some enhanced call transfer operations for Diva, TE Systems and Copia VoIP Ports.  Please contact Copia support before using this feature.
CopiaSMTPGatewayFixed the generation of CSV and TSV recipient lists when the incoming message contained BCC recipients.
CopiaSMTPGatewayFixed a problem where a rare type of internal error could cause the MSG file not to be renamed to XXX, thus resulting in the error being repeated continuously.
EMDIRECTRestored the missing separator between log entries for EMDIRECT transmissions.  Also made some minor changes to make it more similar to the  8.1 version of EMDIRECT, and fixed the TRACE option which was defaulting to a detail trace.
FFVIEWER,CF8SUPPORTFixed an issue where scanning for a DataMatrix symbol when none was present on an image could result in a timeout which was not triggered until well after the specified timeout period.  In addition a 'StopAfter' option was added to the INI file for decode operations, and the default timeout reduced to 4 seconds.  Decoding in FFVIEWER (and in FFTESTAS) now shows the time taken, to help with setting a timeout.
CFHWLFixed a regression which prevented licenses created in or later from being modified, and another which caused TE Systems board type configuration to be lost.
OTFCONFIGNow offers the changed BladeWare IP addresses in the BladeWare configuration wizard.

Version 2014.07 31

CF8JOBADMAdded launch-time action codes 130 and 131 to override self-busy checking for matched items.
COPIAFACTSChanged the trace option for 'hardware operations' so that invoked operations are no longer logged when not implemented by the specific hardware in use.
COPIAFACTSFor Diva, TE Systems or Copia VoIP calls, both $image_desc and variables containing voice-file pathnames can contain up to eight pathnames, separated by +, for files to be concatenated.
COPIAFACTSA new $type voice option allows asynchronously-played files to be continuously repeated.
COPIAFACTSA new IIF command $removedtmf filters DTMF tones out of the audio stream (Diva and TE Systems only)
COPIAFACTSChanged the handling of incomplete (missing phone and e-mail address) FS files so that a fax-outbound line is no longer required to process and reject them.
FFBC,JOBADMINFixed a long-standing issue where an Excel or tab-separated-value-file cell which contained an embedded TAB character could cause the remaining cell contents on the same row to be assigned to the variable corresponding to the next following column.
FFVIEWERFixed an issue where a file could not be saved if a DataMatrix symbol was visibly displayed in an annotation.
JOBXLDATAAdded an option to output the data as a .CSV file in addition to the Excel and .TAB file options.
STATUSFixed a problem where the canceling the FS editor failed to warn if changes would be lost.

Version 2014.07.22

CF8EMAILImplemented full support for IPv6 on outbound e-mail.
COPIAFACTSNew $email_options keyword of IPV6 to enable IPv6.
COPIAFACTSInitial pre-release of some enhanced linked-call features.

Version 2014.07.10

CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where some pre-convert FS files could be launched into TOSEND for the engine to move to PREPROC, instead of direct to PREPROC.
CopiaSMTPGatewayEnhanced the OMA processing so that when the OMA file cannot be written the processing of incoming messages is suspended but they are still received into the local save folder.
EMDIRECTModified the program to allow it to run when called from a Windows service.
EMSETUPAdded triggers for the SMTP Gateway to send notifications when writing the OMA file fails and when writing FS files fails.
TRCVIEWFixed an issue where the highlight colored text was offset in a trace line containing TAB characters.  Since all tabs in command files are converted to spaces, this only affected trace lines containing variable values loaded from an external text or html file.
TRCVIEWFixed an issue where embedded null bytes in an ASCII or UTF-8 trace file caused the file to be truncated on loading.

Version 2014.07.01

CF8EMAILFixed a regression which caused DKIM signing to fail.
CF8EMAILFixed an issue which could sometimes cause an e-mail header to be q-p encoded unnecessarily.
CF8JOBADMFS files written when USE_ALT_PREPROC_QUEUE is defined have a lower case file extension .fs (and others are .FS).
FFEXTERNWhen /NS is not used on an FFEXTERN instance which uses an MSMQ queue, FS files are picked directly from the PREPROC folder scan only if the case of the file extension is appropriate for the named queue.
FFEXTERNAdded a new FXPDFSCAN special process to extract text from a PDF to supply destination and variable values which are used to send the file by fax.
FTPUPLOADAdded new command-line options to specify passive mode and login-relative folder names, and optional environment variables as an alternate means to specify them.

Version 2014.06.16

CF8EMAILFixed a problem where some high-bit characters were not encoded correctly when the content-transfer-encoding was set to 8bit.
CF8GCOVERFixed a rare exception which could occur when a read failure occurred while replacing an existing cache entry.

Version 8.2 2014.06

The first release build also includes the following fixes.

CFHWLModified nodename entry to disallow node names containing spaces, which cause problems in other CopiaFacts components.
COPIAEDITFixed a problem where FS commands in an IIF file sometimes failed to show with red context highlighting.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where a system with line numbers of 1000 or higher would not display line information correctly when the lines grid on the Summary page was clicked.
COPIAFACTSRemapped some Sangoma dial error outcome codes to the 7400 range instead of incorrectly using the middle of another range.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where some user-defined Action Codes might not be returned in the ACTION_CODES variable.
DLLTESTThis program now keeps CF8JOBADM.DLL loaded instead of loading it for each test.
FFTESTASFixed a problem where the form position and size was saved in an incorrect registry key.
FFVIEWERFixed a regression which resulted in the disappearance of the right-click menu in the left-hand panel.
MultipleIn a very small number of cases, a TIF resolution tag was incorrectly rounded, so that for example a resolution of 204 might appear as 203.
DocumentationThe statement that multi-line FFVIEWER annotations are always word-wrapped is incorrect and has been corrected.  An ASCII_WRAP variable must be present and non-empty to cause word-wrapping.
GatewayManagerAdded the means to set an option which requires the list of To: header addresses to match the list of envelope recipients of the message.