Version 2015.03.27

CF8PRINTFixed a long-standing bug which could misprint error messages when the option to report errors on the printer was enabled.  The messages were printed black on black.
COPIAFACTSFixed two problems with the inbound-call counters displayed in the trace at the end of each session: the hour figures were out by one hour, shown one column to the left of the correct time, and the initial counter showed a random value when the engine had been restarted.
FFEXTERNExtended the adjustment to the set conversion timeoutN interval to allow for CVSINGLE to load, from 5 seconds to 10.

Version 2015.02.04

DocumentationChanged the links to BladeWare installers to resolve an issue preventing some files from being downloaded.
COPIAINSTALLNo longer shows 8.2 installers in the local NETBIN folder.

Version 2015.01.22

DocumentationChanged the references and links to ftp.copia.com to refer instead to the Copia CloudFront CDN site.
COPIAFACTSExtended to 30s the timeout period before a BladeWare registration timeout is reported.
COPIAINSTALLModified the download operation to get files from cdn.copia.com, instead of ftp.copia.com.

Version 2015.01.18

CF8EMAILFixed an issue which could very occasionally cause the ForceISP option to be ignored.