Version 8 Discontinued Features

This section describes features which are no longer supported in CopiaFacts version 8.  If your configuration file changes as a result, and needs to be used temporarily in version 7 as well as version 8, you can use a command sequence such as:

$if @FFVERSION < 8000





to condition the changed commands

Rendering ASCII files using Brooktrout Fonts

The ability to render ASCII files to fax format using Brooktrout-supplied fonts on non-Brooktrout systems has been discontinued.

Default Handling of ASCII files by the Fax Board

Board-supported ASCII handling is no longer the default. Instead use the ASCII template mechanism to render ASCII documents in any Windows font.

To retain fax-board ASCII file handling the ASCII_TEMPLATE variable must be set to none, and on Brooktrout systems you can then also continue to use the COPIAFACTS run-time option 'pre-convert ASCII to TIF'.  This will only work if your fax board/port directly supports ASCII files: Dialogic Diva boards, Bladeware SIP and Sangoma, and Fax Modem do not.

Users who switch away from board ASCII handling by retaining the new default settings should check that the design of the default ASCII Template GTT files (AT_*.GTT) in the FAXFACTS folder meets their needs.  These sample files contain a footer reading 'Fax sent by CopiaFacts': scroll down to see it.

The use of FONTx as the group parameter on a $fax_filename command will be rejected.  The $ascii_font configuration command and the $ascii_font user profile command will be accepted and ignored.

Line Groups

Using the CopiaFacts nodename (e.g. M1) as a line-group name now means the same as "*" (all lines in the node).  This avoids errors where a nodename is accidentally used on a command which should take a line-group parameter, which in version 7 resulted in no lines being selected if the nodename was not also defined as a line group name.

If you upgrade from version 7 and already have a $line_group with the same name as the nodename, a warning will be issued, and the definition will be ignored on the named node, but not on other nodes if it references lines defined on another node.

Setting Character Set for Graphical Cover Annotations

The charset override number is now ignored if specified in the $style GCT command and the facility to set the charset value in FFVIEWER is no longer provided. Instead, make sure that the font you use in annotations implements Unicode code-points for the characters you wish to use, and enable UTF-8 for GCT files on a $unicode configuration command. Note that even if the font does not contain Unicode glyphs, Windows will usually substitute a similar font which does contain the wanted glyphs.

Word Merge Encoding

The WORDMERGE_ENCODING system variable is no longer needed and is ignored.


The $email_option for MAPI is no longer supported

Windows Versions

Windows 95, 98, ME and NT and earlier are not supported by this release. Windows 2000 is known not to be supported unless Service Pack 4 is installed, and some issues may be encountered with this OS.  See the notes in the system overview topic.


The FFPRINT program is no longer included. Use FFEXTERN instead.

Print to PDF

The undocumented feature allowing the FXPRINT post-process and post-receive processes to print directly to the Adobe PDF print driver has been disabled.  For several past Adobe Acrobat releases, the method we used to use to print without a pop-up dialog has not been supported by Adobe.  You can convert TIF files to PDF using GCSINGLE, or convert on transmission by e-mail by specifying an e-mail attachment content-type of application/pdf.


These two legacy applications have been dropped.

FFTIMESERVER Environment Variable

This environment variable is no longer used to maintain a common time across CopiaFacts nodes. Instead, it is strongly recommended that you use the Internet Time tab on the Windows time setting dialog on all machines running CopiaFacts software, to ensure that your system time synchronized with an external or internal time server. In version 8, the COPIAFACTS program will display a warning if the time of the machine differs by more than a minute from the server time. See also System Time Settings.

Document Converter

The FailFS keyword is now ignored because the default has been reversed in version 8: a failed conversion will cause the transmission to fail.  The new AllowFail keyword for $convert_options can be used to achieve the default behavior of earlier releases.

Support for Office 97, Office 2000//XP, EIStream Imaging and Imagemaker Imaging have been dropped from release 8.

Configurator Password

The password feature of FFHWL is no longer supported in CFHWL, and has been replaced by a new password option which also supports encrypted variables.

Outcome Code Error Text look-up

In case your applications have been using FF7.SMR to look up the text of outcome codes, you should note that this file is no longer distributed, having been replaced by CF8.SMR.  You may be able to replace the look-up of this text altogether by instead using the content of the LAST_OUTCOME variable in processed FS files.

If you are using $retry_parms to specify a custom SMR file based on FF7.SMR you should check this against CF8.SMR to make sure that any version 8 new and changed codes are reflected in your custom list.

Reversed (white on black) Graphical Cover Annotations

The transparent attribute is no longer ignored on reversed (white on black) annotations.  If you have an existing reversed annotation which unintentionally has the transparent attribute also set, it will now lose its black background.

Enhanced HTML Rendering for Graphical Cover Annotations

The syntax for alignment and indentation has changed slightly as a result of the introduction of the enhanced HTML subset that is now supported.  Standard underline, bold and italic syntax remains the same.