Upgrading from Version 7 Configurations

Important Note

COPIALOCATE is no longer distributed.  Use the initial steps from COPIAINSTALL, which perform the same functions.
CDAUTO is no longer distributed. Use the initial steps from COPIAINSTALL, which perform the same functions.
Version 8.2 of CopiaFacts no longer attempts to migrate from a version 7 configuration style.

In COPIAFACTS version 7 and earlier, a common mapped drive letter (typically Q:) was recommended to allow CopiaFacts (FaxFacts) data to be shared between multiple processing nodes. This approach has been deprecated since the release of CopiaFacts 7.2 in 2005, and the use of UNC path names has been recommended instead. This is the only solution now officially supported for Windows Vista and Server 2008 and later operating systems.

If you are still running a configuration using common mapped drive letters, there are two options:

Convert to use a COPIA share and create the FAXFACTS folder in it.  You can continue to use the same mapped drive letters in your own applications, but you will have to re-map drives on each machine if you need to switch to a backup server, in addition to just running COPIACONNECT from the new server one each machine.

Use the overrides still available and described in Advanced Configuration Features.

If your common drive letter is a SUBST letter rather than a mapped drive letter, it is strongly recommended that you change to use the new configuration method (or at least change to use a mapped drive letter).