Each of the CopiaFacts Installers will create an entry in the Windows Programs and Features list for use if you wish to uninstall the software.

Current (since February 2013) Server and Administrator installers will not uninstall any files under the CopiaFacts Application Data folder (normally COPIA\FAXFACTS).  This means that you can safely uninstall CopiaFacts from a machine running the COPIAFACTS or FFEXTERN programs without affecting your main fileserver, if separate.

When you uninstall CopiaFacts programs from just one machine, earlier builds of our server installer may cause files to be uninstalled from your file server if the uninstaller is run on the machine which originally installed those files.  You should therefore back up your fileserver or first disconnect from the network the machine on which you are uninstalling the programs.

You must manually uninstall data files from the CopiaFacts Application Data folders.

Print Drivers

CopiaFacts Fax 'print' drivers will be uninstalled from a machine when you uninstall the CopiaFacts software which installed them.  However we do not uninstall the Print Driver install utility Winstfax.exe and its associated files from the COPIA\PRINTDRIVERS.  This allows you to uninstall any of the other CopiaFacts print drivers manually.  To do this, run one of the following commands from a command session (DOS box) as follows:

Open a command session (CMD.EXE) as Administrator

Use CD to get to your Program Files folder (Program Files x(86) on 64-bit systems)

Under the Program Files folder, change to COPIA\PRINTDRIVERS

Choose and enter the command to uninstall each printer:

WINSTFAX.EXE -p"FaxFacts Fax Client" -x

WINSTFAX.EXE -p"Copia FFMERGE Driver" -x

WINSTFAX.EXE -p"Copia Fax Save Driver" -x

WINSTFAX.EXE -p"Copia Fax Converter" -x

WINSTFAX.EXE -p"Copia Fax RCH Converter" -x

WINSTFAX.EXE -p"Copia Fax RCL Converter" -x