The nature of the Internet is that sometimes a connection fails. CopiaFacts uses two timeout values to recover from these problems.

The first, DNS timeout, is used to control the DNS look-up. CopiaFacts uses both your main DNS server and, if specified in your network settings, alternate DNS servers. The default value is 5 seconds.

The DNS timeout is also used to control the initial connection to each domain specified in an MX record. If the timeout is reached without a connection being completed, the next MX record is used. If CopiaFacts has to use the second MX record, double the DNS timeout is applied; for the third MX record, three times the DNS timeout, and so on.

Once connection has been achieved to the remote socket, the second, SMTP timeout is used. The default value is 30 seconds. This covers the actual transmission of your e-mail message. CopiaFacts automatically increments the timeout value to allow for the transmission time of encoded attachments.

To customize the timeouts, use the $email_settings command.  See the description of this command for details of how to override the settings for specific transactions.