Display and Analyze TIF Tags

TIFTAG pathname

TIFTAG displays the TIF tags for each page in a TIF file.  It is intended to help in the analysis of problem TIF files.  It lists and explains the content of all commonly-encountered tags in files which are relevant for faxing.


C:\>tiftag "\copia\faxfacts\demoimg\SAMPLE A4 High.TIF"


CopiaFacts TIF Tag List v8.1.0.87


File:             \copia\faxfacts\demoimg\SAMPLE A4 High.TIF

Byte order:       Intel


Page 1:

New Subfile Type: 0 (default)

Image Width:      1728 (valid width for A4/Letter fax)

Image Height:     2291

Bits/Sample:      1

Compression:      3 (CCITT T.4)

Photometric Int:  0 (0=white)

Fill Order:       2 (LSB to MSB)

Description:      IMAGE MAKER: Spittin' Image Software Inc.  V1.0

Strips Count:     1

Samples/Pixel:    1

Rows/Strip:       2291

Horizontal Res:   204

Vertical Res:     196

T.4 Options:      4 (1-d encoding, EOL fill)

Page number:      0/1 (base0/total)