Create Multi-Page TIFF from separate fax files

TIFCAT [-low|-high] [-mh|-mr|-mmr] bigfile infile [infile ...]

TIFCAT concatenates a number of faxable files to create a single multi-page TIF file. Input file(s) can be faxable TIF, JT-Fax or Winfax Pro format and wildcards can be used in input file name(s) (but not in a folder name).

The concatenated output file is always Intel byte-sequence TIFF/F. If you specify an input file with '.1' extension this automatically includes following .2 .3 etc. The output extension must be '.TIF' and an existing file of the same name will be changed to '.~TIF'. The resolution and compression default to that of first input file unless overridden.

The errorlevel returned is 0 on no errors, non-zero on error.


TIFCAT newfile.tif thisfile.tif thosefiles*.tif