When you are testing scripts, you should also check the 'trace IIF actions' checkbox on the options tab of the COPIAFACTS server status screen. This will tell CopiaFacts to display additional information about script processing that will help you debug your application. This additional information includes variables, results of comparison and arithmetic operations, caller input, and branches taken within the script using $next_box. The 'trace processing states' checkbox will also help you, especially if you are using the $set_state command. This information is displayed in the trace window and will be saved in trace output files if you have not disabled saving to trace files.

You may also use the CopiaFacts phone simulator PHONESIM to test your script. The simulator allows you to simulate calls to the system by interacting with a "phone" line that has been configured as a Telephone/Fax simulator. The PHONESIM utility presents a simulated phone on your screen that allows you to place calls to the phone line simulator. Calls placed to this line behave as actual calls to the system. You must have a complete set of Wave files corresponding to the voice playback files of your script as well as standard system prompts in .WAV format, to work with the phone simulator. The Wave files will be played through your PC speaker to complete the phone call simulation experience. The touch-tone buttons on the simulated phone allow you to make entries just as a caller would. You should be able to completely test your script in this manner without ever placing a real call to the system.