FS File Performance Measurement


TESTFS is a utility provided to measure network performance for tasks similar to those needed for CopiaFacts TOSEND queues.  It can be run to test either local drive or network performance. Do not choose a live TOSENDx folder to test.

When pointed to an empty local or network drive, the program will:

Write a number of dummy FS files of typical size. As with a broadcast launcher, each file is written and then renamed.

Check that each file written is present on the disk

Read the folder with a findfirst/findnext loop to find all the files

Read all the files

Delete all the files

A log is written in the FAXFACTS folder showing the results of each test.

This program does not attempt to simulate the effect of multiple nodes reading and writing a TOSEND queue, but does provide a useful comparison of raw speeds in a CopiaFacts context.  If a folder with a UNC pathname is found to be local, it is tested both with the UNC pathname and with the local drive letter.

The options to exclude short filenames and to use a large find buffer are available on Windows 7, Server 2008R2 and later.  Showing the progress bar will significantly slow down operations.

The Explain button displays information about the tests performed.