TE Systems provides a broadly Diva-compatible interface for FoIP and VoIP and also for Diva hardware.

Features currently not supported by the CopiaFacts Interface for TE systems include:

VOX files.  Use WAV files instead - any of the formats listed for Diva boards are supported.

Beep Tone Generation.  Use SVP10 to provide a 'speak after the beep' tone.

Tone detection other than DTMF tones.

Answering machine detection

300x300 and 400x400 fax resolutions

Tthe TE Systems base license covers voice functions and has a fax option.  Currently the CopiaFacts CFHWL license manager assumes that if you configure fax, you have sufficient fax licenses for all channels: if not, calls may fail.


From COPIAINSTALL, download InstallXCAPI_3.6.xx.exe and then click the Select and Install Hardware/Drivers button and pick this installer to run. This will run the TE-Systems Installer for you, which will then (on a new install) offer to run the XCAPI Configuration program.

TE-Systems provide pre-defined configuration parameters for a wide range of SIP providers and in-house telephony switches. In most cases you will be able to configure at least the basic options by adding the appropriate provider or switch from the Controller / New menu in the XCAPI configuration program.

Before starting CopiaFacts, please run the XCAPI Xtest program from the Start Menu XCAPI section and check that you can place calls to and receive calls from your chosen SIP provider or switch.

VMware Virtual Machines:  if you are running TE-Systems XCAPI in a VMware Virtual Machine, please read and act on the TE Systems technical note about this. You can find a copy of this at http://cdn.copia.com/files82/XCAPI_TechNote_VMware_Virtual_Machines.pdf