Appendix D: System Variables

The variables with names listed in this topic are those known to the CopiaFacts system. Variables set by the Copia SMTP Gateway are listed separately. The codes in square brackets by each variable name describe the type of variable it represents, and have the meanings shown here.

Variable values can be used by referencing @varname where you want the variable to be expanded (`varname for variables on e-mail commands). For details, see Expansion of Variables.

You may also create your own variables by naming them in $var_def, $set_var or $get_var commands. From CopiaFacts version 7, all new system variable names and control variable names used by the system will contain an underscore character (_). Avoiding the names in this appendix and any names with an underscore will therefore help to ensure that your own variable names do not conflict with CopiaFacts system variables.