KEEP_EMAIL[CV >C] Set to a non-empty value, this variable is used to initiate the archiving of a sent e-mail.  The name of the file created is saved as KEPT_FILE.  The format of the file is an image of the bytes transmitted, normally ASCII unless an 8bit encoding format has been specified.  The file extension defaults to .EML unless the value of the variable is set to the keyword MSG, in which case this extension is used.
KEEP_FAX[CV >C] Set to a value containing one or more format codes, this variable is used to initiate the archiving of a sent fax.  The name of the TIF file created is saved as KEPT_FILE.  Note that SUPPRESS_FAX also defaults to suppressing archiving, unless you assign do_keep to that variable.
KEEP_FOLDER[CV >C] This variable can be set to an override folder name for use with the Archiving Sent Faxes and E-Mails feature.
KEEP_GCV[CV >C] When set to a non-empty value other than NO, causes the graphical cover sheet created for an individual fax to be retained. The filename is formed from the FS file basename, with '_F00' added for a cover sheet, and '_F01' and upwards for any GCT or GTT files named on $fax_filename commands.  The CALLBACK\TEMP folder is the default folder for these files, but the owner\TEMP folder is used for Job Admin items.  The special value of NO assigned to this variable overrides the 'Keep Graphical Cover' global run-time option.
KEEPID [SRW] Any value which is assigned to this variable will be loaded into CALLERID after subsequent change of user profile using the DIDNO variable described above. To avoid the caller having to re-enter a password after switching user profiles, you can first assign @CALLERID to KEEPID and CopiaFacts will restore it after the profile change, thus suppressing the password request. This variable is retained for backward compatibility even though all variables are now retained through a change of DIDNO.
KEPT_FILE[SRO] This variable returns the pathname of the TIF file created on processing the KEEP_FAX variable.  It can be used in a post-process operation and will also be written to the FS in which the archiving of the sent fax was initiated.  The pathname in this variable will always have a TIF extension, because a TIF is always created first, then converted to any other formats specified in KEEP_FAX.  If the TIF extension was not specified in KEEP_FAX, the intermediate TIF file will have been deleted and the pathname in KEPT_FILE will not therefore reference a file which still exists.  The actual pathname(s) of the archived file(s) you specified can be built in a post-process operation using the $ext keyword of the $set_var command.
KILL_GROUP_ACTION[CV >C] A pathname assigned to this variable specifies the action to be taken when a $kill_group is triggered.  If the filename assigned has extension .FS, the file will be moved to the TOSEND folder.  If the extension is CMD, BAT or EXE, the command will be executed, passing a single parameter of the nodename on which the problem was detected.
KILL_NOWAIT[SW] Any value assigned to this variable will cause a running NOWAIT process started by a $run command to be killed.  No action is taken if there is no running process of this type.