Support for Non-Current CopiaFacts Releases


No Copia software ever reaches 'end-of-life' for support purposes. Copia will continue to support your use of non-current releases. With support we also provide access to current software versions, and in the majority of cases, a support incident can be resolved by upgrading to the current release of software. If a software fix or workaround is needed which also affects the current release, the current release will be updated and provided to in-maintenance customers.

When a new Operating System is released, or support for new voice/fax hardware, IP ports or features is added, Copia's policy is to modify only current releases of CopiaFacts, as needed. Some existing CopiaFacts features may also unavoidably change in a new version. The need to move to a new OS or hardware or IP ports or to enjoy new features is also a factor which will normally require an upgrade.

We are aware that occasionally it is not possible for a customer to upgrade to a current CopiaFacts release.  This topic addresses some of those cases and outlines the approach we recommend.  These situations are not covered by Copia's standard support and maintenance arrangements, and additional support charges will apply. Priority, and lower charges, are offered to subscribers to the CopiaFacts Software Assurance scheme. This provides source code in escrow, including source for older versions of Copia software.

The situations which may require or prevent the use of the latest CopiaFacts release are often interlinked.  They include (but are not limited to):

The current CopiaFacts version no longer supports the operating system you are using.

This would be an issue if the drivers for your fax or voice boards may not be available for a later OS, or if you need to move to a new computer and the current boards do not physically fit, for example because they require an ISA slot.

In addition you might find that your own applications which integrate with CopiaFacts need to be modified to run on a later OS, or that you do not have resources to adapt or move them.

Copia will continue to support your use of your current CopiaFacts release, but any fixes or enhancements would be chargeable if you are not able to use the current CopiaFacts release for these reasons.

The current CopiaFacts version has dropped support for the boards you are using.

When a voice or fax board manufacturer has put a board into 'end-of-life' status, or it is no longer available, it usually becomes impossible for Copia to support it with new CopiaFacts releases.  This is partly because of the lack of hardware or drivers to test with, but is also because it would detract from the support we can provide to users of current hardware and ports.

Copia recommends that if problems arise with end-of-life hardware, you should consider either replacing it or switching to a non-hardware solution such as VoIP or FoIP which is supported in current CopiaFacts releases.  If you choose to replace hardware, Copia may be able to help you find used boards to reduce costs; or can give you details of affordable boardless solutions.

You do not have resources to implement and test an upgrade.

If your operations make advanced use of CopiaFacts features, or are closely integrated with CopiaFacts, implementing and retesting all the operations and interfaces may prevent a quick upgrade if you have encountered an issue which is resolved in a later CopiaFacts release.  In addition, Copia makes enhancements in each point release which build on earlier features: it is not always possible to remain compatible with all earlier releases.  The further you have fallen behind the current CopiaFacts release, the more likely it is that changes will be needed to your own integrated applications.

In these circumstances, when issues arise in older versions that would not occur, or could easily be fixed, in a current release, Copia will advise and assist in-maintenance customers to upgrade to a current release under the normal maintenance arrangements.  Changes will however be chargeable if required to be made in non-current versions, or required to be made to a current release in order continue to work in combination with older versions.

Use of a new operating system, hardware, IP ports or features

Any of the factors described above may make it difficult to upgrade to a current CopiaFacts release to obtain new OS or third-party support and new features. Copia may also not be able to offer identical support for some of the features used in an older release, although compatibility will always be the goal.

A charge may be made for changes and workarounds in an older release, where an existing feature has had to be significantly changed in order to move forward to a new operating system, new hardware or IP port versions, or to add new capability.