On startup of the engine, the summary status display appears. You may also view only the trace without the line status grid (on the 'Trace' page), and there is also a facility to view trace messages which have already scrolled off the screen (the 'Scroll back' page).

The screen shot above illustrates the display of additional information: clicking a status line on this display shows additional information, such as call duration for an inbound call, destination and job information for an outbound call or the last call type for an idle line.  If you 'shift-click' the line, the display panel shows the history of previous calls on the line and the last completed call, instead of details of the current call.

In the line summary (central) panel, Shift-RightClick can be used to kill the transmission of a long multi-page fax in an emergency.  COPIAFACTS will attempt to kill the transmission, if there is one in progress, at the end of the current page, and if the fax board/port permits.  The outcome code of the transmission is set to 50.

The letters in the Mode column have the following meanings:

AAccept inbound faxes into fax mail box 0
BRetrieve and/or pick up store-and-forward fax mail
CReceive inbound faxes into a selectable fax mail box
DDeliver store-and-forward fax mail
ESend e-mail
IOne-call fax on demand
LPoll to receive fax
MMaintenance operations and worker boxes
OOutbound fax
PPick up store-and-forward fax mail
QSend e-mail driven by MSMQ messages
RIVR requests
TRetrieve store-and-forward fax mail
VOutbound voice

The grid of eighteen count fields can be customized by using the $display_box configuration command to display different values, and the numeric values are available in the DISPLAYx system variables.  The colors of these fields link to the default colors for the line status area:

Note that when an inbound call arrives, it is first counted as a Voice Inbound call, then if fax pages are received on the call, it moves to the Fax In column.