To start recording studio operations, call in to CopiaFacts in the usual way and select the special access infobox number for the directory you wish to use. You will be invited to enter the password if specified. Only one line can be using the Recording Studio at a time; if you select any Recording Studio infobox number while the Recording Studio is in use on another line, it will be rejected.

During recording operations, CopiaFacts will display a status report showing what message has been selected and (if available) what its text should be. This status report appears in the lower section of the screen display. We suggest that you turn off any state and event tracing which you may normally use so that you can see these messages more clearly. Use F1 for help on display options.

If your computer room is noisy, you may want to call in from a telephone in a quieter room, to avoid the noise of the machine interfering with your recordings. The person doing the recording may therefore not see the status messages; however they are there if you need them.

Even if scripts are displayed, we recommend that the person recording the messages should have a printed list of the message numbers and corresponding texts to be spoken in each recording session. For the standard system messages, CopiaFacts comes with lists in the form of ASCII files which you can edit with any local variations and then print out for use by the person speaking the messages. For the digit and amount files, the control file specifying the algorithm for speaking the voice segments also contains a list of the individual files with their texts. The use of a list ensures that all the required messages are selected for recording.