Scripts are often launched automatically by referencing the starting module of the script in the $auto_call command in the user profile (.USR file) associated with the telephone line(s) or DID values that will be using the script. These phone lines must be configured as IVR/request or one-call FoD lines and must have voice capability, and the USR file should usually have a $fax_phone_last command to avoid an initial prompt for a fax number. During testing stages you may instead invoke your script by starting with the standard FoD script and entering a 'special' document number which will launch your script using the $next_box command. For example, you could create the file 00009999.iif in your image catalog and have it contain the following:

; 00009999.iif

$type decision

$next_box myscript

When CopiaFacts asks you to enter a document number in the standard FoD script, you simply enter 9999 and CopiaFacts will begin executing your script starting with the module myscript. Of course, you must have a file called myscript.iif in your image catalog and it should be the first module of your script.

Scripts can also be initiated from a $worker_box command in an FS file, so that an external process can drop an FS file into a TOSEND folder for processing.  Such scripts can either be 'single-shot' or can be configured to repeat, either at intervals or at a particular time each day or week.  For details of how to set this up, see the $worker_box topic.