Before each merge operation you should check that you have the correct task settings, if used, and ensure that FFMRGMV is running.  Normally FFMRGMV will be started with Windows and left running at all times, monitoring the C:\FFMERGE folder.

The actual method of starting the merge varies between different word processor and contact manager applications. Often it appears on the file menu as "Merge and Print" or just "Merge".

Follow the instructions that come with your application. Before starting the merge, make sure that the "printer setup" for the document indicates the FFMERGE driver.

When you set up a new FFMERGE application we strongly suggest running a small test broadcast to a local fax machine before you launch the full operation.

After the merge is complete, FFMERGE never deletes the files it creates in the temporary directory.  You can, however, set up CopiaFacts to do so after successful transmission by using the temp keyword on $delete_option. Otherwise, you are responsible for deleting these files. Remember that FFMERGE creates a customized fax format image file for each recipient, so these files can take a significant amount of space.