Start up CopiaFacts applications with Windows


This program can be used set up and implement the automatic starting of CopiaFacts applications when Windows starts.  It can also be used as a convenient way of starting individual programs, with command-line parameters as specified.  To increase the space available to view parameters, increase the width of the STARTCOPIA window.

Only installed applications will be enabled for startup.

When run without parameters, the screen above is shown and allows the startup settings to be applied.  When any of the startup checkboxes is checked, the STARTCOPIA program installs itself on the Windows list of programs to be executed on startup, with the -go command-line parameter.

The -go parameter is only to be used when the program is run by Windows at start-up: it actually causes the programs to be started after the specified delay. Do not use this parameter when manually starting the program to adjust the settings.

The start-up parameters are placed in the Current User (HKCU) section of the registry so the automatic start will only occur if Windows is set to start with the login of the user configured to run these applications.  Earlier releases of STARTCOPIA used the Local Machine (HKLM) registry section: if your system has been configured in this way, running the current STARTCOPIA will move these entries to HKCU but you will need Administrator privilege to do this.

Starting multiple nodes on one machine

The above example shows a configuration which starts two 'nodes' on the same machine.  To start a single node only, leave the field empty.  The Select button only provides access to node names which have already been manually configured and run to establish multiple-nodes operation before configuring STARTCOPIA.

The first time you run COPIAFACTS with a nodename on the command-line, you MUST currently use a command session, not STARTCOPIA.

Use the Run window, or open a command session and type, for example:



This will start COPIAFACTS for the first time and establish the fact that multiple instances with different nodenames can be run on this machine.  It will also enable the 'select' Button:

Immediate Manual Start

The STARTCOPIA program can also be used to start individual programs on an ad-hoc basis, with the run-time parameters that are normally used for each one.

Follow the instructions in the panel to run a program immediately.