The first step is to run CFHWL to enter your new key and to add e-mail-enabled 'lines' to your configuration. Each line corresponds to a socket instance and allows you to send e-mail concurrently with other lines. The number of lines you enable should be matched to your Internet bandwidth; after a certain point you will find that adding more lines does not increase throughput.

You must supply your machine name on an $email_localname command in the configuration file. This command takes a line-group and will be different for different machines. If you do not know your machine's Internet name, there are hints under $email_localname about how to find it. The EMSETUP program can also be used to check that you have Domain Name Servers (DNS) correctly set up on the node(s) that will be used for e-mail.

For reliable e-mail operations, it is strongly recommended that you set up your CopiaFacts server so that:

either the machine's IP address is globally visible from the Internet or it has a local IP address (e.g. converted using NAT to an externally visible IP address, and

if your machine has only a local IP address, the router connection to your ISP has a static IP address, and

the external IP address is capable of reverse look-up: in other words it corresponds to a URL domain name which can also be looked up to give the same IP address, and

the external IP address matches the address you enter for the node on the $email_localname command.

Almost all cases of problems sending e-mail result from a failure to conform to one or more of the above recommendations.  If your network cannot be configured to conform, we recommend you send e-mail via a local corporate e-mail server or via your ISP.  This can be configured using EMSETUP.

For larger systems where there may be multiple nodes and multiple NIC cards used for different destinations, use the $email_node_localnames and $email_node_bindnames commands, which override $email_localname. This allows the use  of different IP routing for different groups of e-mail.

If you run into problems and repeatable errors when sending e-mail, please read the E-Mail Error Handling topic.  CopiaFacts allows tuning of how errors are handled for some cases.