Configure FFEXTERN:

Start the FFEXTERN (Document Converter) program

If set to Active, click the Stop button while you perform configuration

Select Pre-Processing, click the '+' icon, and select to add a new FXCVRT pre-process operation

Select Configure Document Conversion Types.  This dialog allows you to set the options for the FFEXTERN instance, and also updates your FAXFACTS.CFG file to add $convert_types keywords and the CVTOPTS environment variable, if required.

Set the queue number to 0, and enable the pre-process operation.

The above steps will cause FFEXTERN to scan the PREPROC folder for FS files when you press Start

If not already enabled, run STARTCOPIA and enable automatic startup for FFEXTERN.

You should test the setup by sending some faxes which specify documents of the types you have selected for conversion.

Advanced setup