Refresh COPIAFACTS Schedule File


This command causes the COPIAFACTS process running on the same machine to refresh its schedule files (nodename.TSS or nodename.LNS) after they have been modified by a user application.  The command can also be used to suspend and resume operations.  If you have a need to automate the modification of TOSEND and LINES schedules, contact Copia support for information on file formats, which are subject to change.

The parameters on this command can be any of the following keywords:

TSScauses the engine to read the nodename.TSS file immediately
LNScauses the engine to read the nodename.LNS file immediately
SUSPENDequivalent to pressing the 'suspend this node' button
RESUMEequivalent to pressing the 'resume this node' button (keyword ignored if SUSPEND also present)