Server Initial Configuration Utility


SERCONF is run from the CopiaFacts installation program COPIASERVERINSTALL to set up standard FAXFACTS.CFG and FAX.USR files, and to set the correct base drive and directory for CopiaFacts in other configuration files located on the machine running CopiaFacts. This is done after the main CopiaFacts programs have been installed.

You may also run SERCONF manually to rewrite your base configuration files, but please note that it always rewrites new files without reference to their original content.  The original files are backed up with filenames .001, .002 etc.  If an existing full FAXFACTS.CFG file is detected, SERCONF will offer to open COPIAEDIT to edit it instead.

USA Configuration

For sites in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area, be sure to enter your telephone area code, an International Dial Prefix of 011, and Country Code of 1.


Non-USA Configuration

Outside the USA, do not enter an area code, but enter your International Dial Prefix and Country Code.  Deselect the Standard USA Phone Masks checkbox:

The International Dial Prefix is used to replace a leading + in a dial string.  If a dial string starts with + and is followed by the digits of the Country Code you have selected, the generated phone masks will cause these characters to be replaced with a 0.  For countries were a leading zero is not added, you will need to edit the $phone_mask command manually to change this.