CopiaFacts is able to send e-mail broadcasts and other e-mail items. This optional feature is controlled using FS files in a similar way to fax transmissions, and can be integrated with existing job administration and reporting.

An Internet connection is required on the machine running CopiaFacts for e-mail, and your available bandwidth determines the rate at which you can send e-mails.

Mail is normally sent direct to the recipient's mail-server, not via a local ISP's server, so you normally get an immediate response if the mail is incorrectly addressed or if it cannot be delivered for some other reason. This causes the FS file to 'fail' and it can be retried in the usual way if you wish.

Details of CopiaFacts e-mail features appear in the following sections:

E-Mail Feature Overview
E-Mail Capacity Planning
Setting Up for Sending E-Mail
Locating the Recipient
Mail Relay via ISP
Preparing an E-Mail Broadcast
Personalizing E-Mail Messages
Sending to Multiple Recipients
International E-Mail
Combining E-Mail and Fax Broadcasts
Sending MHTML E-Mail (with embedded images)
Signed and Encrypted E-Mail
Logging E-Mail Transmissions
E-Mail Timeouts