The Fax Send page of the settings dialog allows you to specify options for sending faxes and e-mail from FFVIEWER.

The following information must be supplied:

The $fax_sender value, normally your own name. You may omit this if you do not plan to send any cover sheets.

The file name of the user profile for $fax_user. Click the button to select a filename.

The file name of the cover sheet template, if required. Click the button to select a filename. This entry will only be used if you request a cover sheet at the time of sending a fax. The cover sheet should normally contain a number of lines @MEMO1, @MEMO2, @MEMO3 etc., to contain the text entered in the send fax/e-mail dialog memo box.

The file name of the e-mail body text file, if required. Click the browse button to select a filename.  Variables in this file will be expanded in the normal way.

Any other FS file commands you may need.

Use the button Load Values from FFCLIENT to make your personal settings from the CopiaFacts Client available when sending faxes from FFVIEWER.

Note that any additional settings you make in this settings dialog are only available when sending from FFVIEWER; they are not copied back to the CopiaFacts Client.