Saving your own certificate from Thunderbird

If you already have a personal e-mail certificate in Thunderbird, you can save it for use in CopiaFacts as follows:

1. Use the Tools / Options / Advanced / Certificates menu to access the certificate store:

Click on View Certificates to view the saved certificates.

2. Select your own certificate under 'your certificates':

Click on Backup to save your certificate for use in CopiaFacts (it is normal for the description to show 'software security device').

3. Save your certificate in the FAXFACTS\CERTIFICATES folder:

Select the PKCS12 format (extension .P12)

4. Enter the passphrase to be saved with the certificate:

The certificate is now ready to be used in CopiaFacts to sign outgoing e-mail from you or to decrypt incoming e-mail addressed to you.