Saving your own certificate from Internet Explorer

If you have ordered a personal signing certificate and it has been delivered and installed into Internet Explorer, you can save it for use in CopiaFacts as follows:

1. Use the Tools / Internet Options / Content / Certificates menu to access the certificate store:

Click on Certificates to access the certificate store.

2. Select your own certificate under Personal:

Click Export, then click Next on the first wizard page:

3. Specify that the private key is to be exported:

Click Next, then select .PFX format (the only one enabled when the private key has been included):

4. Enter the passphrase to be saved with the certificate:

5. Browse to and/or enter a filename to save the certificate:

6. Click Finish to close the wizard:

The certificate is now ready to be used in CopiaFacts to sign outgoing e-mail from you or to decrypt incoming e-mail addressed to you.