The file menu has a simple 'Save' menu item which saves the (modified) file that was originally loaded. However for most save operations it is recommended to use the Save Wizard. This operates in stages and each stage has an explanation of the choices at the top of the Wizard display.

When annotations are present, you have the choice of saving the annotations with the TIF image in a GTT file, or separately in a GCT file, in which case you can return to the Wizard to save the TIF file on its own.

If you select the GCT save option, you will be presented with a second page which explains the options for linking the GCT to a fax document:

If no annotations are involved, the options are simpler.  The option of saving files with numeric extensions is still supported, but is not recommended except for special applications:

The Wizard allows all forms of save operations, either of fax files or of Graphical Customization.  Image files can be saved in any supported resolution and compression method. A checkbox allows specific wizard steps to be bypassed. Right-clicking the Save Wizard button restores all the steps.


As the last screen in the Wizard, a confirmation screen presents the selected options.  Only on clicking 'Finish' will the selected save (and backup) operations be performed.

Short-cut Key:  W (Save Wizard)

The File menu also contains items which will load and save separately a watermark file and its GCT/GTT annotations.