Recipient Template

; MisterX.FST

; Created template for sender MisterX on 11/23/2005 11:54:18 AM

$var_def TEST1 "hello"

$var_def SMTP_OPTIONS "001"

$worker_box 203

The above template is a recipient template. Upon receiving an email addressed to MisterX, the gateway will generate a worker box FS file containing the standard SMTP variable definitions. It will also add a variable definition for TEST1 and generate header variables (SMTP_HEADER#) according to the flags in SMTP_OPTIONS. Note that the SMTP_OPTIONS variable definition has the option flags enclosed in double quotes so that it will not be considered numeric. The SMTP_OPTION variable will not be written to the FS file. The $worker_box command specifies that a script module contained in the file 00000203.IIF will be launched when the fax server processes the FS file created by the gateway. The script module must be located in one of the folders specified by the $script_locn commands located in the user profile specified for the gateway.

Sender Template

; Lindsey.FST

; SMTP Gateway template for sender Lindsey

$fax_sender "Lindsey Jones"

$var_def TEST1 "ABCDE"

$var_def TEST2 "FGHIJ"

$fax_cover "@FFBASE\faxcover.gct"

The above template is a sender template for mail sent from Lindsey. The template includes a $fax_sender  command that will override the gateway's $fax_sender command. Any FS files generated for sender Lindsey will also contain variable definitions for TEST1 and TEST2. The FS files will also contain a $fax_cover command that will override the gateway cover sheet options. The cover sheet is named faxcover.gct and it is located in the Copia application data folder as indicated by the @FFBASE macro.