Report fax send outcome

This example sends an e-mail back to the originator with a PDF copy of a fax send from the CopiaFacts client software (FFCLIENT).

It is implemented in a post-process infobox, REPORTSEND.IIF, which will be found in the DEMOIMG folder under the FAXFACTS folder.

Configuration Steps

Your administrator needs to perform three initial steps to implement this feature.

Keep FaxThe users who require this feature must have the Private Archive checkbox checked on their Send Fax/E-Mail page in FFCLIENT.  This can be set by individual client users, or by the administrator checking the 'notify' checkboxes on the Update Users page in the Client Administrator program.
Post-ProcessThe users who require this feature must have a post-process specified.  Individual client users can use Fax Transmission Constants on the Setup page to add a command $fax_post-process ReportSend infoboxall, or the command can be added to a template by the administrator and updated for multiple users.
Image LocationThe USR file for the users who require this feature must have an $script_locn command directed to the DEMOIMG folder.

Infobox Content

The contents of the postprocess infobox are as follows:


;Infobox to report sent and/or failed faxes by sending and e-mail copy

$type FSFILE            ; will generate a second FS file


$var_def_copy           ; copy variables to the generated FS file

; make PDF file with description

$if OC_CLASS = S

  $set_var txt   "Your fax was sent on @DATEL at @TIME2<BR>"

  $set_var txt | "The destination was @RCVRFAX, @ROUTETO<BR>"

  $set_var txt | "The remote fax answerback was @OC_CSID"

  $set_var etxt1 "Your fax was sent on @DATEL at @TIME2"

  $set_var etxt2 "The destination was @RCVRFAX, @ROUTETO"

  $set_var etxt3 "The remote fax answerback was @OC_CSID"


  $set_var txt   "Your fax could not be sent after @OC_ACOUNT attempt(s)<BR>"

  $set_var txt | "The destination was @RCVRFAX, @ROUTETO<BR>"

  $set_var txt | "Failure reason: @OC_DESC"

  $set_var etxt1 "Your fax could not be sent after @OC_ACOUNT attempt(s)"

  $set_var etxt2 "The destination was @RCVRFAX, @ROUTETO"

  $set_var etxt3 "Failure reason: @OC_DESC"


$set_var pdffile @KEPT_FAX

$set_var pdffile $ext .PDF

$set_var done "$fn:CreatePDFThumbNails(@KEPT_FILE, @PDFFILE, cols=1, LETTER, @txt)"

; create EMAIL FS file

$email_subject "Report on fax to `RCVRFAX"

$email_text    "`ETXT1"

$email_text    "`ETXT2"

$email_text    "`ETXT3"

$email_to      `USERINFO_EMAIL

$email_attach  "`PDFFILE" application/pdf

; optional signed PDF file

;$pdf_sign_keyfile "@FFBASE\keyfile.pfx;@secret1" "SigField" "Security" "Illinois" ""