WordMerge Document Preparation

REMOVEDS master tempdoc

This utility is used by the Job Administration launcher to prepare a Word mailmerge master document.  The utility strips out the document's existing DataSource specification and saves the document without any data source.  At the same time it creates a list of MERGEFIELD specifications which the launch process will use to check that every named field is present in the broadcast list.

Normally this program is run by the Job Administration launcher and it is not necessary to run it manually.  A custom single-row datasource file will then be specified for each broadcast recipient during the document conversion step of the processing of each item.

The first parameter names the original master file, which should have a .DOC, .RTF or .DOCX extension.  The second parameter names the temporary file in which the data source has been removed.  In addition to this Word file, REMOVEDS also creates a text file of the same basename but with extension .fieldlist which contains a list of the MERGEFIELD names found in the document.

REMOVEDS currently requires Microsoft Word 2003 or later to be installed on the same machine.  To handle DOCX files, it requires the Office Compatibility Pack, but will save the intermediate file as a .DOC file.