Changes within Version 8

This section describes changes in specific releases which are likely to affect your existing command files or procedures. For more details of these and all other significant changes and fixes, please consult Appendix M.

Changes to CFEVTMSG.DLL - January 2011

This DLL is installed (normally in \Windows\System32) to allow the Windows Event Viewer to access CopiaFacts messages in the CopiaFacts Application Event Log.  Without this DLL, the event manager reports a missing interface and does not format the message text correctly.  Early releases of version 8 unfortunately used a version 7 application to set this up and the necessary registry entries are incorrect.  To correct this, run COPIAINSTALL version 8.007 or later: this will correct the registry entries.  If you do not then need to install anything, simply exit from COPIAINSTALL.

In addition, to avoid future confusion we have decided to use different names for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of this DLL.  Previously the different DLLs (which have the same size and date) were installed as CVEVTMSG.DLL on both operating system types.  Now, the 64-bit version is installed as CFEVTMSG64.DLL and the corrected registry entries reflect this. Users of 64-bit operating systems should rename CFEVTMSG.DLL if it is already installed in \Windows\System32 (it will be the 64-bit DLL if your system is 64-bit).  Alternatively, run CopiaServerInstall8039 or later to install the correctly-named DLL.  You may need to run a elevated Explorer or command session to rename this file.

Changes to Reversed Graphical Cover Annotations - July 2011

From CF8GCOVER 8.017 and FFVIEWER 8.020 the processing of reversed (white on black) annotations has changed.  Previously, the 'transparent' attribute was ignored so that a black background was always used: now, the transparent attribute is effective for reversed as well as for normal annotations.   If you have an existing reversed annotation which unintentionally has the transparent attribute also set, it will now lose its black background.